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4x3 provides comprehensive print design solutions including identity packages, brochures, post cards and invitations. We also go beyond traditional print design, expanding our services to beautiful and distinctive banners, custom apparel and promotional merchandise for conferences, festivals and special events.

Working with Relate Personal Finance

Relate Personal Finance is a full-service financial planning firm that offers advice on the right investments and savings for all their clients, no matter the income level. In addition to designing the Relate Personal Finance website, 4x3 also had the pleasure of creating a complete branded identity package for Relate Personal Finance which included digital and print letterheads, professionally designed business cards, and custom envelopes.

"In the beginning of this process, I approached several vendors with an overall concept for a new financial advisory business looking for help with a logo and branding. The decision to go with 4x3 was the right one. Amy and Stephen came up with some great logo options and from there they have laid the foundation for a brand that is just what I am looking for..."
- John O'Brien | Founder & Chief Advisor 

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Working with Local Businesses

In the age of digital media, 4x3 offers print design services that seamlessly incorporate with your business' cross-platform marketing initiatives. Our years of branding and event marketing expertise have equipped us to create the right fit for your small or local business. At 4x3, we give you customized and personalized branding packages that go above and beyond standard business card services. We use quality printing, a keen eye for design, and an assurance that our work is the best for you.

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July 24, 2017

4x3 Ideas

4x3 offers comprehensive, in-house event marketing services for our clients. From sports tournaments to craft beer festivals, we strive to make your event an unforgettable experience. 4x3 takes special pride when we work with our sister company, URugby, on their annual tournaments, showcasing our full-service sports marketing capabilities.

Over the years we have designed the logo and branding for URugby, which is implemented on promotional items for the 2017 Ariel Re Bermuda 7s, 2016 Bowl Series and ACRC Bowl Series. We've had the pleasure of continually working with URugby exclusively on sports marketing over the years for these events.


The 2017 Ariel Re Bermuda Sevens hosted the very best in high school and college rugby at the National Sports Center, Bermuda’s premier sporting event venue. The tournament featured four mini teams (ages 9-12), two high school girls teams, five high school boys teams and 12 collegiate men's sides. 4x3 designed a souvenir rugby ball and referee jerseys to be used throughout the event.


The 2016 Bowl Series is a collegiate and high school rugby series held in New Rochelle, NY. The tournament featured 12 elite college rugby teams, and six high school teams competing to be Bowl Series Champions. 4x3 designed branding that was then translated onto wearables, VIP and player passes, and promotional banners. The custom apparel included a series of referee jerseys, MVP shirts, and promotional tees for fans and players alike.


The ACRC15s rugby bowl series is an annual sporting event held each fall in Charlotte, NC. For the inaugural ACRC Bowl Series in 2015, 4x3 created a comprehensive package of branding and marketing materials including an event logo, website, custom apparel, trophies, posters, pint glasses and souvenir rugby balls. 


The USA Islanders is a team of USA Eagles and potential Eagle national caliber rugby players from US-based Pacific islands; including Hawaii, Tonga, Fiji, and American Samoa. 4x3 was hired to handle web design and development of the USA Islanders website for to promote invitational matches and upcoming events for the newly formed USA Islanders rugby team. 4x3 also worked directly with the team administrators and coaching staff to create a logo and brand. The new logo and brand was then applied across a variety of mediums, including web, print (business cards, letterheads) and gear (jerseys, T-shirts, rugby balls, Bermuda shorts).


4x3's branding efforts contributed to successful marketing efforts surrounding the tournaments, as well as a positive experience enjoyed by both teams and spectators. Sports event branding and merchandising efforts helped convey a sense of professionalism to a new event that quickly established its prominence in the rugby circuit.

4x3 can extend your brand beyond digital marketing, with events for big and small. For other events beyond sports marketing, we also offer content marketing in the form of website design, as well as live social media updates (tweeting, video, commentary). Contact us today!

July 17, 2017

4x3 News

Great design is not just type and layout, often a project requires photography or illustration as a key component and the best solution is not always the most obvious.

MRI Network hired 4x3 to layout and design an advertorial scheduled to appear in USA Today's June 2017 insert magazine highlighting the company's top recruiting offices. Each award-winning office listed featured exceptional recruiters in an effort to provide recognition and inspire other offices.

To make matters more challenging, the recruiters for the article were scattered acrosss the country. In order to overcome the challenge of inconsistency in photographs and logistics of hiring one photographer, we reached out to famed illustrator Randy Glass to create graphite portraits for each individual. Client buy-in was key, and once they were able to see the layout as we envisioned it, they were sold. By commissioning Randy Glass to create sketched headshots for MRI, 4x3 was able to bring a unique spin to an article about company recruiting.

By presenting a different perspective on corporate branding, we were able to create a unique - but professional - look and feel to the advertorial. The graphite illustrations also worked well with the news print format, providing quality and character to an otherwise formal news spread.

"4x3 did an excellent job of helping us design an ad for an employment insert that promoted the expertise of the top performers within our franchise organization. Their out-of-the-box ideas, such as commissioning an illustrator to draw headshots really made our ad shine, while also remaining within the publication's editorial standards."

Nysha King | Media Relations | MRINetwork

Each featured recruiter was gifted with a signed copy of the original illustration by the corporate offices to congratulate offices for a successful year.

Learn more about these top recruiters, teams, and offices »

About MRI Network

Founded in 1965, MRI Network has grown into one of the largest and most successful recruitment organizations in the world. Being the first of its kind, MRI has established a proven business model that has endured some of the toughest economic times.

Dubbed a "network of individuals", MRI Network is comprised of more than 3,000 search professionals who specialize in hundreds of industries. MRI recruiters combine their understanding of each industries with their knowledge of executive search and recruitment in order to find the perfect placement for any potential employee.

Visit the MRI Website »

About Randy Glass

Randy Glass is an acclaimed illustrator and portrait artist famous for the acclaimed Wall Street Journal headcut. He specializes in pen and ink, watercolor, stipple, line art.

Visit Randy Glass Studio Website »

July 11, 2017

4x3 Ideas

Email hosting and management is an oft-overlooked asset to a company's brand image, but invaluable in communicating the right tone of professionalism and reliability. 4x3 has worked with several clients to host and manage email in a consistent and secure manner, ensuring its services match the needs of their customers, both big and small.

Why Email Hosting and Management?

Email is essential for business communication, yet the way both employees and customers connect with the service has changed throughout the years. Nowadays, people expect more out of their email service, and enterprise-level communication infrastructure should reflect such growing needs. Not only should your email service be flexible enough to be viewed on both mobile and desktop, but also consider the endless storage capacity email hosting offers. We've come to anticipate access to information at the touch of our fingertips, and email should be no different.

Using a hosted email is a remarkably effective and efficient solution for any company. While there are several free email services out there, businesses are more suited to utilize email hosting to create a unique, customized address for their company. For example, the utilization of a yourname @ format. This helps convey professionalism, instilling brand trust and loyalty in prospective customers. Hosted email can enhance a business' branding so your company's name will be prominently highlighted, while accommodating the flexibility and possibility of creating countless email addresses for employees and website maintenance.

4x3 provides two options for email hosting, Microsoft's Office365 or Google's GSuite (Gmail for Work). Either are great options, but it depends on your company's size, needs and budget.


Microsoft Office365 is a full-service solution that can be scalable to your business' size in terms of being a subscription that can contain many licenses, adjusting to your employee number growing or shrinking. If you have an existing software package with Microsoft, such as already using Microsoft Office Suite and want an upgrade or to add an enterprise level email service, Office365 is the best choice. Exchange Online is included, with 50GB storage for your email inbox and built-in spam/malware protection, as well as the ability to hold emails for legal purposes (like auditing or compliance). Office365 gives you the ability to manage licenses and billing in a portal, all in one place. A plus is that Microsoft constantly updates, so new services end up being included in your Office365 subscription like Microsoft Teams which aids collaboration. Moreover, you can add multiple domains and email aliases for Office365, and have the option to create a management login without a license for 4x3 to expertly and easily manage your email service.


If you prefer Gmail's interface and don't mind your suite of services (Google Docs, Slides, Sheets and Drive, Calendar) to be solely online, GSuite is a good choice. It differs from the more traditional Microsoft Office365 in its approach to collaboration and automation. Google's suite of services is made for multiple people to work together on the same document, presentation, or spreadsheet, incorporating changes in real-time. You can also video call and chat within its services, to facilitate collaboration. GSuite provides a simple, friendly experience that is easy to learn for first-time users, complete with handy features like automated sorting of your inbox into categories (preset into sections like updates/promotions/social or custom created by you). Additionally, there are a few niche services GSuite offers like Forms and Sites that might be helpful for your company's needs, like having to send out surveys or creating intranet for employee reference and use. However, it differs from Office365 for administrators managing email since you have to pay for an additional email address for access, and provides 30GB of storage for your inbox.


Both GSuite and Microsoft provide no cost to low cost solutions for 501(c)(3) non-profits. For instance, GSuite can be a good solution for qualified nonprofits since it offers unlimited email addresses. Meanwhile, Office 365 Business Essential is free for non-profits (up to 300 users with solely online access to MS Office products and Outlook) while other plans are available with discounted rates.

4x3 specializes in setting up your domain and email accounts, migrating existing email to a hosted solution, troubleshooting, and managing your subscription within GSuite or Office365 to ensure your email service is running smoothly. Best of all, the email hosting and management that 4x3 offers can be accessed anytime, securely and reliably. Need to check a quick detail the night before a crucial client meeting? You can simply log into a user-friendly interface without worrying about your email host experiencing any faulty errors like downtime.

About Norris Sales

4x3 provides email hosting and management for Norris Sales Company, a construction equipment distributor who facilitates purchases between customers and industry manufacturers. Norris Sales started with Office365 Exchange Online for all their users, which was just the email service. Prior to using Exchange Online, Norris Sales had been a traditional Microsoft Office products company for many years, using off-the-shelf licenses. However, since then, Microsoft has moved their products to be subscription based, so utilizing Office365 for their existing Microsoft Office products was an easy decision. When it came time to upgrade computer systems and licenses, Norris Sales made the move to add licenses for the Business Premium plan. Allowing for licenses to transition smoothly from Exchange to Business Premium is exactly why Office365 is ideal for their needs.

With a sizeable staff and clients from both sides of the construction industry, Norris Sales needed a large-scale, flexible solution that broadcast professionalism. Email hosting and management was a natural extension to accommodate Norris Sales' needs for personalized email addresses, each for different uses -- from staff addresses, branding purposes, and site organization.

Years of Experience in Email Management

Let 4x3 help you in your company's transition to email hosting and management. We have years of experience providing our clients with safe and reliable email hosting and management, perfectly customized to their enterprise needs. Contact us today!

June 19, 2017
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4x3 Ideas

Beyond just a memorable logo, 4x3 has worked with AGA Developers to create a recognizable brand to increase the value of the company and make acquiring new customers easier.

4x3 has created a branding identity for AGA and the subsequent sub-brands of their three properties: South SquareFrankford Square and Trenton Stables.

By analysis several aspects of AGA's brand we were able to create a case study highlighting the features of the company which fulfilled the 5 necessary components of a brand.

1. Improves Recognition

A brand represents the sum of people’s perception of a company’s customer service, reputation, advertising, and logo. For example, when you think of Starbucks you consider more than just their famous mermaid logo. You also think about their holiday cups and advertising, fun promotional drinks like the Unicorn Frappe, and the smiling baristas that greet you at the counter. THIS is Starbucks' brand.

The recognizable logo and style allows AGA Developers to create a powerful reputation by associating their hard work and popular projects with their brand. This is why each of their sub-brands (South Square, Frankford Square and Trenton Stables) have gained recognition through the connection to their well-developed and professional parent brand.

2. Creates Trust

A professional appearance builds credibility and trust. Potential customers are more likely to purchase from a company that appears polished and legitimate. You are more likely to buy a new Apple product than a no-name, off-brand knock-off that hits the market on the same week. 

AGA Developers has a simple, yet powerful brand. The AGA brands allows you to transfer the same feeling of loyalty and trust that the other sub-brands command. When customers see a new development with AGA's parent brand on the side they know they will have the same old-fashioned craftsmanship and contemporary designs associated with all their other successful projects they have completed in the past.  

3. Supports Advertising

When all of the parts of the business are working well, the overall brand tends to be healthy. On the flip side, we all probably know a company that offers excellent products or services, but has a tarnished brand due to advertising (think Pepsi's most recent campaign). This is why a brand must always be considered when creating an advertisement.

Advertising is an important component of AGA Developers' brand. Through traditional media and social media, AGA publicizes properties and developments that they are building on or selling, respectively. Each sub-brand – South SquareFrankford Square and Trenton Stables, is marketed directly through the parent brand's social media. They fall under the umbrella brand of AGA and as such, advertising for each development  is directly associated with the parent brand.

4. Builds Financial Value

A strong brand usually guarantees future business. As AGA grows and develops more properties its brand continues to gain better the financial return from its efforts.

5. Generates New Customers

Customer loyalty is important! And in the age of the internet and social media, word of mouth is essential for any business referrals.

As discussed, AGA has built up a powerful reputation for building contemporary townhouses throughout Philadelphia's neighborhoods and satisfied home-buyers are one of today's the most profitable advertising source.

Creating a Brand with 4x3

At 4x3, we believe that your brand is the essence of your business. We work directly with our clients to create a brand that states who you are, where you are headed and the perception of who your clients and potential clients believe you to be. 

And just like our client, AGA Developers, we have what it takes to get your brand on track.

May 22, 2017
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4x3 News

To stand out to your target audience you need to break away from a basic web templates and create a custom web design that reflects your company's brand and services. And we helped our client, Relate Personal Finance, do just that.

Custom Web Design

Relate Personal Finance breaks the mold for a financial service website.

Most financial websites utilize stock photos and white backgrounds to highlight their services. But not Relate!

4x3 worked very closely with the founder and chief advisor of Relate, John O’Brien, to create a website that stood out among the stuffy, cliché financial websites that exist today. To successfully distinguish his company's web design from the competition, part of John’s approach was appealing to a younger demographic than financial advisors usually went after – young professionals and new families – by using a memorable user experience and custom features.

To achieve this, 4x3 and Relate worked towards a layout that avoided stock photos and moved toward a more illustrative design.

Your Website Reflects Your Brand

The Relate Personal Finance website was designed to promote the brand at every turn.

4x3 created custom graphics and illustrations for every page of the website; from financial news to resources, each image is used to invoke confidence in John’s abilities and services.

The uniformed use of graphic design also allows Relate to effortlessly represent its brand. 4x3 developed a unique, yet identifiable, style for Relate by having consistent color scheme and design technique.

Another advantage of having an illustrative website is that each image creates automatic content for social media. With every blog post and financial fact that is published on the website the accompanying graphic is social media ready!

About Relate Personal Finance

John started Relate Personal Finance to help individuals, families and small businesses make smart financial decisions regardless of their income or wealth level. By approaching financial advice with a coach-like approach, John's goal is to inspire clients to take control of their own financial future.

The name Relate is a reminder to understand each client’s perspective. Understanding your situation, which includes more than just the monetary component, allows you to create a custom set of options to achieve your financial goals.

Visit the Relate website »
Check out 4x3's portfolio »

April 24, 2017

4x3 News

T-shirt design and custom apparel design has always been an integral part of our event marketing package. It's so cool when we land at an event and see people proudly wearing our shirt designs from years past.

4x3 has the experience and know-how to help you create amazing t-shirts for any event. 4x3 is proud to partner with Sevens Sports on the URugby events where we have created a series of referee jerseys, MVP shirts, and promotional tees for fans and players alike.

So, if you want to advertise your brand and overall presence at your next event, contact 4x3 and we'll help you create custom apparel to make your event a smash hit. As a part of our event marketing design service, we offer other promotional materials to be used at festivals, conventions, fundraisers, and sporting events. This includes:

  • custom apparel (t-shirts, jerseys)
  • posters and banners
  • pint glasses
  • souvenir balls
  • custom trophies

4x3 can help you make the perfect t-shirt and promotional material for any event.

Learn more about 4x3 T-Shirt design »

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April 6, 2017
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Website Launch

4x3 is proud to announce the completion and launching of the Relate Personal Finance website.

Financial Advice That Relates To You

4x3 provided interactive design consulting and a custom Drupal Content Management System (CMS) for John O'Brien, a local financial advisor who specializes in a coach-like approach to financial planning. John started Relate Personal Finance to help individuals, families and small businesses make smart financial decisions regardless of their income or wealth level.

John wanted to standout among the hundreds of independent financial advisors working in Philadelphia. Opting out of the boring finance website that uses stock photo, John commissioned 4x3 for custom graphics and animations to give a new and refreshing look to his website.  

View Relate's portfolio »
Check out the Relate website »

Drupal CMS and Site Hosting

4x3 will be hosting and maintaining the Drupal-powered Relate Personal Finance website. Through the Drupal CMS, John can easily make updates to his website, like adding resources, news, or updating information about his services.

4x3 also worked with Relate Personal Finance to create the logo and brand. 4x3 provides content and social media marketing, SEO, and web maintenance services as well.

It was a pleasure working with John and 4x3 looks forward to a continued relationship now that the site has launched.

March 31, 2017

4x3 Ideas

The first annual Historic Odessa Brewfest, held Sept. 6, 2014, was a huge success. Over 1400 visitors enjoyed gourmet food and spirits, local artisan crafts, historical demonstrations and award-winning ales, stouts, lagers, cider and Belgian brews from 47 craft brewers.

We at 4x3 LLC are proud of the role we played in making the festival a success. Working closely with the Historic Odessa Foundation, we designed and built a dynamic, visually appealing, easy-to-navigate website that looks equally great on phones, tablets and desktops. But we did not stop there. We developed a comprehensive marketing and social media strategy designed to drum up excitement, ticket sales and interest in the Odessa Brewfest brand.

4x3 Brand Awareness and Content Marketing

To raise awareness of the festival locally and regionally, we provided:

  • Brand awareness (messaging and overall brand identity online and in print)
  • Research (intelligence on beer festivals and other comperable events) 
  • Content (news, press releases and e-newsletters)
  • Promotion (our much-heralded brewbracket contest; social media management; brewer partnerships) 

The #BrewBracket

4x3 designed a brew bracket contest modeled after the college basketball field of 64. Utilizing posts on Facebook and Twitter, users voted for their favorite beers by liking, sharing and commenting. The contest, which featured entertaining and informative descriptions of the beers and breweries participating in the festival, drove daily interest among brewers, vendors, beer drinkers and regional media, leading to increased followers, site visitors and ticket purchases.

The effort culminated in a Final Four held live on the day of the festival. Attendees voted in person with their smartphones at a social media booth (manned by us) and claimed prizes such as t-shirts, coasters, hats and keychains.

The Result fro the Festival in Just 3 Months

  • Nearly 600 interactions on social media related to BrewBracket posts.
  • Over 900 Odessa Brewfest Facebook page likes and 870 Twitter followers.
  • Site visit jumps of 60% to 100% on days matchups were promoted.

The Brewfest returns Sept. 12, 2015—and 4x3 will once again be leading the marketing and promotion efforts. Look for us at this year's festival—we'd love to meet you!

March 13, 2015

Website Launch

4x3 is proud to announce that AGA Developers has been added to our list of clients. We will be providing AGA Developers with a variety of services including website development and design as well as branding.

AGA Developers are builders that specialize in development in urban sections of Philadelphia. Energetic, determined, and goal-oriented, AGA is a fantastic company that shows an incredible level of attention to detail. We're beyond confident that the branding and web design we develop for AGA will reflect these qualities and give them a more polished, dynamic web presence.

It's always exciting for us to work with a business as dynamic as AGA Developers. We are looking forward to giving their web presence and branding a jumpstart, and can't wait to unveil their new website in December 2013!

November 11, 2013

4x3 Ideas

Unveiling this year's logo... The 4x3 designers have been exercising their creative energy as they collaborate on the re:branding of the Surfside Sevens 10th Annual Rugby Tournament. The new logo design will be featured on all things related to the tournament: program, signage, t-shirts, rugby balls, frizzbees...and more!

The date has been set for July 20, 2013 in Stone Harbor, NJ. Between 70 and 80 teams are expected to compete this year including Men's, Women's and Youth. Surfside Sevens is held in July every summer. Each team is guaranteed 3 matches and lots of sun and sand. Surfside Sevens has been "scoring at the shore since 2004." The event was concieved by Stephen and Amy Siano.

Contact Tournament Director, Stephen Siano at 610-389-4474 or email .

March 5, 2013
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4x3 News

4x3 launched a newly enginered website to introduce the new ELAP brand. 4x3 developed a full branding package for ELAP servcies that includes a logo, stationery package and website.

April 4, 2012

4x3 News

4x3 was thrilled to take on the job of creating a logo design and web design for, a new social networking website geared towards giving couples the tools and ability to enjoy each other, and make the relationship last.

The idea for cuplinx was dreamt up by Adrian, the cuplinx CEO, a man who understands how difficult relationships can be, but feels that instead of being work, they should be fun. Creating Cuplinx as a social networking site will allow couples to have a shared online experience and give them opportunities to add more passion and romance to their relationship, as well as build a stronger bond between them. As they say a couple that plays together, stays together.

4x3 Logo Design and Branding

The goal of the site is to push past the misconception that relationships can't be fun and have to be all work. The logo and website design work turned out great, and cuplinx was thrilled with the result. They've already launched their Facebook and Twitter sites, and the main site will be launching soon.

Head over to their blog and check out what all the buzz is about, who knows you might even pick up a few tips to impress that special someone in your life.

August 18, 2011
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4x3 News

4x3 can help you with the design of your logo. 4x3's goal is to change the way your brand is perceived by creating a fresh look to increase your market presence.

February 17, 2011
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