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For the 4th year in a row 4x3 has proudly marketed the annual Odessa Brewfest. Through a custom-designed website, social media and content marketing we helped the Historic Odessa Foundation invite hundreds of visitors as they enjoyed award-winning craft beer, gourmet food, local craft vendors, live music, and historical demonstrations on the beautiful grounds of the 1769 Warner-Wilson house in Odessa, Delaware.

Social Media Marketing Success

In conjunction with our email and content marketing efforts, we focused heavily on social media marketing as a way to not only to create buzz about the event, but to generate ticket sales. The result was a consistent level of social media engagement and non-stop event promotion across a variety of platforms.


In order to gain maximum visibility on Facebook, 4x3 implemented a marketing strategy that utilized boosted posts as a away to appear higher up on news feeds of people that are located within a specified geographic area with interests in craft beer. Facebook boosting allowed the Odessa Brewfest gain exposure to new audiences and interact with 94,670 engaged users in the four months leading up to the festival.


Generating engagement between the attending breweries and fans is always important to promoting the Odessa Brewfest. One way we facilitate engagement is the annual Brewbracket competition -- an online contest in which we pit breweries against one another in a bracket where fans vote for their favorite brewery. By doing this, we gain access the loyal brewery fans that vote and share the Brewbracket on social media. Year after year, it has proven a great way to drive interactions on social media and traffic back to the festival website.


Generating hype before an event is crucial, but continuing to drive engagement during an event is just as important. To keep guests posting to social media throughout the festival we created a Selfie Contest to encourage poeple to take pictures of themselves and their friends enjoying the wonderful craft beer and beautiful ground of Historic Odessa with all their friends. Throughout the day, more than 75 guests entered the contest through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Several beer enthusiasts won fun brewery swag and other merchandise at the end of the day.


4x3 also designed a Geofilter for the annual Odessa Brewfest. The custom Geofilter appeared during the festival and allowed anyone who attended the event to use the filter on Snapchat. Everyone shared snaps with their friends using the filter to celebrate their favorite craft beer and to commemorate being at the event. At the end of the day, there was a total of 5,272 uses and views! This is a great strategy for creating peer to peer marketing with minumum effort.

Visit the official Brewfest website »

September 19, 2017

4x3 News

Diesel Adventures has engaged 4x3 to manage their web content and to devise a marketing strategy to improve SEO and increase your page ranking organically on major search engines and social media platforms.

Content and Social Media Marketing

After conducting a complete website audit of Diesel Adventures, 4x3 created a solution to improved audience engagement by bringing relevant, useful, and entertaining information to customers. Every strategy was thoughtfully designed to educate visitors about Diesel Adventures and their services through newsletters, blogs and social media campaigns. 

4x3 manages Diesel Adventures' social networking sites, including: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Google + and YouTube.

"Starting a new business is hard. Being new to the world of content marketing, 4x3 have been very patient with all my questions and helping to me understand what works and what doesn’t. The campaigns that have been implemented have certainly increased my brand awareness and audience reach."
Steve Murphy | Founder | Diesel Adventures 


Diesel Adventures is an adventure travel company that specializes in overland expeditions and small group adventure tours on a variety of countries and continents. 

Diesel Adventures prioritizes what you are looking for in your tour -- be it culture, history, architecture, the wild outdoors, wildlife, hiking food or any specific interest -- so they can give you their expert recommendations on the very best trip that will suit you.

Visit the offical website »

September 7, 2017

4x3 Ideas

As 4x3’s newest employee, I have quickly learned that 4x3 is always trying to improve its services for its clients. 

This is immediately evident with 4x3’s most recent venture: Snapchat Geofilters.

What is a Geofilter? 

Honestly, if you don’t know just ask your son or daughter to show you. But just in case they are not readily on hand, I’ll let you in on the secret.

Essentially, a Snapchat Geofilter is a special image overlay on the app that signifies the "where" and "when" of a location or event. 

For example, 4x3 designed a Geofilter for the annual Odessa Brewfest. The custom Geofilter appeared during the festival and allowed anyone who attended the event to use the filter on Snapchat. Everyone shared snaps with their friends using the filter to celebrate their favorite craft beer and to commemorate being at the event. At the end of the day, there was a total of 3,000 uses and views!

Overall, it’s a great way to have customers promote your products and events for you! 

You got it now? Great!

Why Snapchat?

If you didn’t already know, Snapchat has 18 billion daily users! That’s like 9,000 snaps per second! Which means Snapchat has surpassed Facebook in number of daily video views. 

With predominantly young Snapchat audiences, this social platform is perfect for social media marketing towards teens and Millennials. Visually strong brands - such as beauty, fashion, and sportswear - lead the way in terms of Snapchat adoption. But that doesn't mean you can't too! With very few small business and brands taking the step to use Geofilters, the market is under-saturated. 

So that makes Snapchat a great marketing opportunity.

And it’s cheap too! Snapchat only charges $5 per 20,000 square feet where the filter can be used. And the marketing you get from users basically pays for itself. Geofilters make it easier for your audience to engage and promote your product or brand organically. 

From an event and location-based marketing perspective, Geofilters are the future of marketing.

October 13, 2016

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Social media, viral videos, pop-up events—there’s lots of fun options these days for marketing your business. In all the enthusiasm for new media channels, some of the older strategies can get left by the wayside. When it comes to reach and ROI, however, sometimes there’s no better path than the tried-and-true press release.

Our client AGA Developers had a few marketing goals with their latest project, South Square, a 19-unit residential and retail project in South Kensington. They looked around at the coverage other developers were getting in Philadelphia real estate blogs, magazines and newspapers, and wanted to raise their profile through these same channels. It’s clearly a good strategy for them—real estate and development is a perennial hot topic in Philly, and AGA Developers has been building in some of the city’s trendier locales: Fishtown, Graduate Hospital, Point Breeze. Their entry into South Kensington would again put them on the cutting edge.

Setting Goals, Generating Buzz

In consultation with AGA, three marketing goals were set: position principals Sean Killeen and Frank Mazzio as local experts on real estate and “go-to” sources for information, leverage South Kensington’s status as a “next big thing” in Philadelphia real estate, and generate direct publicity for South Square.

We wrote a trends piece In January about South Kensington for AGA’s website and social media, quoting Sean on the neighborhood’s attributes and why it is taking off.

This joined other articles in Philadelphia magazine, the Philadelphia Inquirer and other outlets about real estate, nightlife and foodie trends in Fishtown and Kensington. Our timing was perfect.

In early March, a short piece on South Square appeared in Vox Media’s Curbed Philly. The following week (March 8), we released an attractively-designed press release about South Square to many local media outlets and real estate reporters. As a result of this, South Square was featured on Philly.Com in a piece by Shannon Rooney, with Sean Killeen directly quoted from the press release.

Big-Time Coverage

This was followed by an inquiry to 4x3 from the Philadelphia Inquirer real estate writer, Alan Heavens. Heavens was writing a big feature on the real estate market in Fishtown and Kensington, had seen the press release in his inbox, and wanted to include South Square. We steered him toward Frank, Sean and their realtor, MGC Real Estate Group. Through this article Killeen would get his wish—quoted as an authority in a trends piece (published March 29) that mentions South Square as a key development project.

We responded with a piece of our own for the AGA website and social channels about the flurry of attention around South Square.

But this wasn’t all. Heavens followed his article up with a major feature in the April 10 Sunday Inquirer profiling AGA Developers and South Square—pictures, a big graphic (provided by us), the works. AGA was now being presented as prime movers in the redevelopment of the old industrial district of Kensington—a major PR victory for Frank, Sean and the firm.

We’re proud of the role we played in helping this happen.

April 14, 2016
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I read recently that Nexflix greenlighted "House of Cards" without first making a pilot. This constitutes a $100 million investment (what it cost to produce "House of Cards" Season 1) without any sort of test to see whether audiences actually liked the show. 

Sounds crazy, right? Well, Netflix has something TV networks traditionally do not. Data. Lots and lots of data. Nexflix analyzed the viewing habits and preferences of 33,000,000 users before investing in "House of Cards." 

The streaming video provider uses “a balance of intuition and analytics to analyze everything from promotion of its original content to which shows it picks up next,” according to LookBookHQ.

Content Marketing: putting data to work

We can’t all mine such a rich stream of customer information. But every business with a Web presence has data they can utilize to set marketing strategy. Everything from email open rates (which subject lines have the most traction?) to number of page views per session (what did we do last month that made our website more "sticky"?) can be put to use to improve your Web strategy. 

Keep at content marketing long enough and maybe some day you’ll have enough cash on hand to hire Kevin Spacey!

February 29, 2016
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Content marketing is a growing business in the media world, so much so that lots of non-traditional players are getting into the game. Some corporations (Coke, Sun Life, Intuit) have made creating and distributing their own news-style content a big part of their marketing strategy, while others are happy to hire third parties to do it for them.   

The Content Marketing Game

It’s this desire to find new ways to integrate brands into people’s media experience that spells opportunity for digital content experts. Traditional media companies are jumping into the content marketing game, creating some controversy in the process as they try to negotiate the line between straight journalism and advertising. 

Marketing services in the digital era

Not surprisingly, marketing agencies are jumping in too. Both digital-era hotshots (e.g. Razorfish) and old industry players (e.g. Ogilvy) are staking their futures on this trend, believing they have to move beyond traditional advertising to stay relevant. New-style campaigns include creating lifestyle websites and blogs, social media campaigns, branded apps and other web tools (such as games) to gain audience participation and loyalty. 

What’s important in this brave new world of digital marketing? Data. Customization. Specialization. Clients expect marketers to be able to measure outcomes and adjust strategies based on what works. Some marketing teams specialize in one particular industry, such as health care, in order to provide content that really speaks to a target audience.

4x3: Content marketing services, design, SEO... 

There’s opportunity here for companies positioned to leverage existing editorial and design talents, or bring in marketing services as a “value add” for an existing client base. At 4x3, we’ve added content marketing services to our existing stable of custom design, SEO and programming expertise. It creates a “full service” package for clients who want to communicate the right message to the right people. 

July 13, 2015

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The USWNT has enthralled the country with their run to a World Cup soccer championship — and rightly so. The U.S. women's national team is a group of tough, talented athletes who demonstrate amazing play when it matters most. 

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has wondered, why now? This team went to the finals in 2011 and won it all in 1999, and yet, from a popularity standpoint, this has proven to be the breakthrough year for women’s World Cup soccer. There was excitement around the 2011 game, but nothing like 2015. 

Women's World Cup soccer hits critical mass

Several reasons are floated for the USWNT’s explosion in popularity. The team was relatively unknown going into 2011 and gained a big following during that exciting World Cup run—it might be said that 2011 “set the table.” Momentum grew with the 2012 Olympics and a third-consecutive Gold Medal win for the American women. 

More broadly, there’s Title IX and the huge interest in soccer on the youth and college level. This team’s fan base has been steadily growing behind the scenes for years. 

Marketing Soccer

The personalities and stories around the team matter too. Olympic hero Carli Lloyd took it to the next level with her World Cup performance. The Hope Solo saga, with accusations of domestic abuse and spirited defense of the star goalie, added to America’s fascination with the team (I argued in my last blog that, from a marketing standpoint, even negative attention can work in a brand’s—in this case the team's—favor). 

Like many pop-culture phenomena, it took a multitude of factors coming together to create that critical mass. Sometimes the best thing a marketer can do (and yes, FIFA funds a huge marketing effort) is read the signs and figure out how to amplify and encourage an already-existing trend.    

July 6, 2015
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Conventional wisdom in marketing suggests any publicity is good publicity. This idea has been under fire this week with TV funny man John Oliver’s takedown of McDonalds, Bud Light Lime and Adidas on his show This Week Tonight. 

In case you missed it, Oliver promised to eat, drink and wear these brands' products on the air if embattled FIFA chief Sepp Blatter would resign his post. Blatter did, and Oliver was as good as his word—but along the way took the time to roast Adidas (“ridiculous”), McDonalds (“disgusting”) and Budweiser (like urine, etc.). 

After the broadcast, Ad Age reported a huge spike in “Bud Light Lime awareness,” as well as increased activity around Adidas and McDonalds related to the show, which it interpreted as a big positive. In response, Social Media Today’s Aaron Miles questioned whether Oliver’s insults could possibly do anything but damage to these brands—never mind the huge spike in media mentions.  

“The goals of branding have always seemed willfully ignorant of context,” Miles wrote. “As an enterprise, it is acutely aware of when people are talking about a product, but not how people are talking about it.”

John Oliver's Budweiser Bump: Good, Bad or Neutral?

In this case I side with Ad Age. Miles obviously has a point, but when it comes to brands as big as Adidas, Budweiser and McDonalds, our views were formed long ago. Jokes about Bud Light Lime make Bud Light Lime fans think about Bud Light Lime. The Ommegang Valar Morghulis drinkers? They’re not buying it either way.  

Same with McDonalds and Adidas. Exposure to these brands among Oliver’s late-night, adult audience will disgust some people, but have a net positive result.    

Miss the broadcast? Watch it below, and tell us what you think. 


June 11, 2015

4x3 Ideas

We all know about promoting posts on Facebook and Twitter. Ever wonder why Pinterest hasn’t gotten in on this game? Turns out, they plan to launch a new Promoted Pins service soon (you can sign up ahead of time to get priority access when it's launched).

In the meantime, here’s a few tips to enhance marketing efforts on Pinterest.

Marketing on Pinterest: 6 Quick Tips

  1. Pinterest works best in combination with other platforms. Use the Pin It button on your website, which drives traffic to your Pinterest page and from there back to your site.
  2. Use email marketing to drive repins. Remind people to follow you on Pinterest so they’ll see your pins showing up in their feed. 
  3. Pinning can itself become a story: “Our Top Pinned Shoes” has proven a winner for Nordstrom in email blasts and on their website.
  4. Pin images popular on Facebook or Twitter, and vice versa. If a post does well in one medium, it might work well in another. 
  5. Create images that look great on Pinterest. Almost any story can carry an image optimized for repinning, and you can even include calls to action. Check out this Buzzfeed story on ways to reuse corks as an example. 
  6. Make your posts timely, like that Buzzfeed story on popped corks. Oh, and Happy New Year!
January 2, 2015
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With the holidays fast approaching, Facebook has some posting advice for businesses. 

Facebook offers seven tips for promotion, not surprisingly touting its money-making "boost" feature as the most important. But there are other options too. 

Facebook Promotion Tips

  1. Boost important posts to reach more people and new audiences. You set the amount you want to spend to promote your post, and Facebook does the rest. 
  2. Offer exclusive discounts and promotions, which Facebook naturally thinks you ought to boost. 
  3. Connect with images. The New Big Blue recommends high-quality photos of products or “lifestyle images of people interacting with them.” Keep descriptions short with calls to action. 
  4. Keep posts relevant and updated. Especially this time of year, when Halloween quickly gives way to Thanksgiving and so forth, and messages can go stale quick. 
  5. Be consistent. Consistency tells your audience what to expect from you. Don't sacrifice quality for frequency—posting more often will not help if the content is poor. 
  6. Target posts. Try posting with specific types of audience in mind. Facebook lets you do this when you click the “Settings” tab at the top of a business page, then turn on targeting & privacy control for posting. This gives you options each time you post to the page, such as gender, age, language and location targeting.
  7. Check your metrics. Facebook offers post performance metrics—click the “Insights” tab at the top to dive in.   

I found this useful and enlightening (especially the targeting feature, which I was not aware of). Hope you do, too. Oh, and in case we don't see you next week—Happy Thanksgiving from 4x3! 

November 20, 2014
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The 1st Annual Odessa Brewfest was a huge success in my book. The festival fulfilled its promise—great beer, food and music in a beautiful setting with lots of positive vibes and a party atmosphere. It was a truly unique event and a great fundraiser for the Historic Odessa Foundation

The Brewbracket Promotion

If you’ve been following this blog you know about our field-of-64 brewbracket promotion, which has been going on since May. We put 64 different beers on the hot seat (all from breweries attending the fest) and promoted the contest extensively through Facebook, Twitter, an e-newsletter and direct contact with brewers. 

The result was a consistent level of social media engagement, non-stop event promotion and excitement as we narrowed the field down to the last few competitors. The Final Four round in the brewbracket hit new heights of audience engagement with over 65 votes on Facebook alone

At the festival itself, we offered brewery giveaways for attendees who voted in the contest or “liked” the brewfest Facebook page. The feedback, both online and in person, was nearly universally positive. 

We certainly enjoyed ourselves and learned a lot. Looking forward to Odessa Brewfest 2015!

September 8, 2014

4x3 Ideas

The Odessa Brewfest is coming to the historic village of Odessa, Del. on Sept. 6, but we at 4x3 have been pretty heavily invested in the event for a while. Back in April, we launched the brewfest website, which is very cool (props to Web designer Rachel Schmitz).

Content Marketing: the brewbracket

One of the best things about the site is the brewbracket, an online contest in which we promote beers and brewers coming to the festival. Dozens of beers have been “matched” and promoted on Twitter and Facebook, where we encourage followers to use hashtags to vote for their favorites and share the posts with their friends. It’s proven a great way to drive interactions on social media and traffic back to the website.

While the contest is still going on, and we expect participation and site visits to really explode as the festival draws near, we’ve already noticed some interesting things about the Brewbracket promotion.

Social Media Marketing

It works best when we can get brewers excited and engaged. Even though the festival has over 600 Facebook “Likes” and 242 followers on Twitter, posts retweeted and shared by brewers have more impact than responses from individuals when it comes to drumming up activity. A social media post in late June picked up and promoted by a brewer in Maine led to a 100% jump in site visits compared to the day before. A recent post picked up by a brewer in Delaware created at 64% jump in traffic from the previous day.

The lesson is that, while incrementally gaining Twitter followers and Facebook fans is always important, getting vendors or clients to promote your posts is a really big deal. Social media strategies built to encourage these interactions will give you the biggest “bang for your buck” if you are investing time and resources into social media marketing.

Jim Sturdivant is 4x3's content marketer and SEO copywriter

August 7, 2014

4x3 Ideas

It's holiday promotion time! Ok, summer just technically ended, but Target has Christmas decorations out, so it must be close right? Whether you are looking for a custom holiday card to stand out from the pack, or a client gift idea, or both – 4x3 can help.

We can work with you to design a custom seasonal promotion and execute it from concept, to packaging and mailing.

Contact Amy today for more information and a brainstorming session!  Amy Siano ​​484-416-3064 ​

October 14, 2013

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