Cuplinx Branding

A client contacted 4x3 about creating and implementing a social networking plan. After discussing the client's needs on the phone and in person and demonstrating all that 4x3 does, we convinced him that he needed to back up a step on his concept and get his brand right.

Business Branding: Logos

4x3 created the logo and advised the client to change his original name to the present name, cuplinx. We're proud to have seen cuplinx from the drawing board to "out and about" on blog posts, Twitter and Pinterest.

cuplinx touts that it adds romance, passion and fun to any relationship. It is being marketed as the ultimate online playground and exploration website for couples to improve their connection and their love life. We're excited to be a part of the hottest social network for couples on the planet!

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Branding Identity and Logo Design

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