Royall Lyme Bermuda E-Commerce Website

Once engaged, 4x3 was able to create the E-Commerce site we desired. We were impressed by the work, layout, and presentation 4x3 produced for our Royall Lyme Bermuda site. The website now conveys what our brand is about. 4x3 utilized our concept, improving the overall look and structure of the E-Commerce site, while, at the same time, making the CMS practical for both our customers and administrators. 4x3 went above and beyond the call of duty by seeing that our needs were satisfied and by attentively working with us through the creative process.

- The Royall Lyme Team

With the continued growth of the Royall Lyme Bermuda Fragrance Collection, the need for a website update became clear. Royall Lyme wanted a website that reflected their 60-year heritage and prestigious image. The site needed a state-of-the-art E-Commerce CMS, easily accessible to a growing consumer base and help drive sales; a dynamic, innovative, twenty-first century website, but one reflective of their history.

E-Commerce Website and CMS

4x3 built and manages an e-commerce website, featuring a full range of fragrance products, that is responsive and user-friendly for the consumer. The E-Commerce CMS is also efficient to manage for the Royall Lyme Bermuda staff.

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