Strategic advisors leveraging human and capital connections to advance quality of life initiatives

We skillfully catalyze innovative health, wellness and quality of life centered organizations to harmoniously deliver critically needed solutions globally. We live our core values, leverage our diverse experiences and expertise, and connect our network of human and capital resources to create extraordinary value for our clients, their employees, their families, our investors, and our team.

Strategic Advisory

  • Strategic / Business Planning
  • Commercialization
  • Human / Capital Connections

Operational Excellence

  • Operational Planning
  • Scale-up / Transformation
  • Operating Model Refinement

Organizational Performance

  • Change Management
  • Talent Management
  • Executive Effectiveness

By skillfully aligning diverse insights we create extraordinary value for our clients and our world.

We focus on companies in the life sciences, directing their efforts toward health, wellness and sustainability.

Headquartered in Philadelphia with satellite offices in Boston and Los Angeles, Concinnity represents clients across the country. Concinnity partners with organizations to advance innovative thinking and drive business growth. With proven expertise grounded in extensive real-world experience, we closely collaborate with and advise you on defining and delivering on your key priorities.

Our team has actively engaged in strategic advisory for over a decade with both Fortune 500 companies as well as entreprenurial efforts. By leveraging diverse areas of expertise, while thoughtfully aligning our network of human and capital connections, we createextraordinary value for our clients and our world. We’re on the pulse of modern technology and media, and have monitored their evolution to inform our own approaches—all to give you exceptional advice that will last for years to come.

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Our Team

Jennifer Cahill

Managing Partner

20+ years global management consulting. Extensive life sciences & healthcare industry expertise. Specializes in change management, ERP implementation and customer engagement. Expert at relationship development and adept at managing diverse international teams ranging in size and skill to achieve exceptional results.

Jeff Bone


30+ years driving value for small and large organizations. Rich knowledge base & expertise in early-stage strategy. Member of and consultant to many Boards & Executive Committees. Passion for breakthrough health & wellness products.

Sonya Weigle


25+ years global management consulting experience. M&A, life sciences & healthcare industry expertise. $500M+ capital raised to date. C-suite & start up experience. Hosts weekly live radio show “Beyond Financials – The People Side of M&A”.

Davis Ayres


Commercialized and built the brand of numerous products. Extensive experience forming & nurturing EU and AsiaPac manufacturing partnerships. Over 15 years’ experience in building high-performance teams, workflow and process improvement.