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Pennovation Works Website

Pennovation Works Website top of homepage

4x3 worked tirelessly to deliver compelling digital narrative of Pennovation Works' vision under an extremely tight timeline and demanding art direction.

Amy Siano


4x3 was called on to reprogram and manage the new Pennovation Works Drupal website for the University of Pennsylvania. 4x3 was up to the task.

The original customized site required PHP expertise to update and manage. After reprogramming the website, the site can now be managed and updated without any high-level programming expertise. 4x3 integrated Drupal modules to ease the burden of site updates.

University of Pennsylvania Websites

In addition to the Pennovation Works website, 4x3 manages the Penn Green Campus Partnership website, the Penn Facilities website, and the Shop Penn website.

The Pennovation Works website was originally designed by Bruce Mau Design. 

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4x3 is proud of the relationship we've developed over the years with the University of Pennsylvania. As a prestigious Ivy League university, Penn is nationally ranked for its academic centers and student research programs.

4x3 manages three websites for the educational non-profit the University of Pennsylvania: Penn FacilitiesPenn Sustainability, and Pennovation Works.

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