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Shop Penn Website

University of Pennsylvania's Shop Penn Website Homepage

4x3 is proud to manage another great website for the University of Pennsylvania.

4x3 is working directly with Penn to oversee the software maintenance and hosting for the Shop Penn website, which offers a curated collection of high-quality retail offerings at a variety of price points, available on and around the Penn campus in University City. 4x3 will also work with Penn directly to update and add additional functionality to the site moving forward. The Shop Penn website was developed with the Drupal 8 CMS and designed by J2 Design. 

University of Pennsylvania Websites

In addition to the Shop Penn website, 4x3 manages three additional websites for the educational non-profit the University of Pennsylvania. The websites are Pennovation Works, Penn Facilities, and Penn Green Campus Partnership,


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4x3 Hits Trifecta with University of Pennsylvania

4x3 is proud of the relationship we've developed over the years with the University of Pennsylvania. As a prestigious Ivy League university, Penn is nationally ranked for its academic centers and student research programs.

4x3 manages three websites for the educational non-profit the University of Pennsylvania: Penn FacilitiesPenn Sustainability, and Pennovation Works.