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Are You a 1990s Marketer?


Remember back to the days when you’d see a flyer or a poster with a Web address at the bottom, so you’d go to the site, and it would be nothing more than a page showing the flyer/poster? Those Seinfeld-era websites may be long gone, but some companies and organizations still behave as if that’s all their websites are for: to be static placeholders for information.

Today, people want and expect frequently updated, dynamic websites that capture their interest and bring them back again and again. If you’re opening a shop, you need to do more than just put basic info up online. If you’re a sports club looking for new players, a mere presence on the Web will not get anyone's attention. To throw out another ‘90s reference: It’s simply not true that if you build it, they will come. You’ve got to market what you build. 

Marketing means keeping your site fresh and sending e-newsletter updates. It means being active on social media. It means mixing up content, offering videos, contests, lessons and tutorials—whatever engages your target audience. Doing this successfully takes more than good intentions; if you’re a business of any size, a nonprofit, team, or club, it’s important to dedicate time and resources to this effort. Next week on this blog, I’ll lay out some strategies for doing just that.   

Next Week: Showing Dedication to Marketing