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Growth is a Good Thing

4x3 New Office

Some say the best time to start or grow a company is in a recession. Disney (1923), Microsoft (1975) started their companies or in Apple's case reinvented themselves during the dot-com bust of 2001.

4x3 is a startup that's been around for years, this year we have decided to stop thinking small. We've taken the leap to grow our business. We feel that as the economy recovers, we will be better positioned to respond to increased demand.

We spent much of last year pouring over expenses and sales reports, nervously leasing and staffing an office and hoping we could sustain ourselves during a year of growing pains. Truth is, before our decision to grow, we couldn't keep up with the pace. We either needed to stop taking on more work or make the leap to a larger office and staff. Turns out we made the right decision.

Keeping startup costs to a minimum, taking advantage of low interest rates and making smart staffing decisions, we have increased our productivity and made new and long term clients happy. As we begin our fourth quarter, we are taking a moment to be proud of our decision, proud of our hard work and thankful for our loyal clients and dedicated staff. We look forward to continued growth and success as we move into 2013.

Amy Siano, 4x3 Creative Director