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Six Feet Apart

Six Feet Apart logo with large X and double arrows on either side of the word apart

4x3 launches a new brand: Six Feet Apart as we all - together - struggle through the pandemic. The brand, yet fully defined, is leading 4x3 into the new normal as we launch new products and develop our new video podcast.

Our Mission

Six Feet Apart was founded to provide much needed light-heartedness content and pandemic-necessary products for people and businesses in this time of economic and social hardship.

During a company meeting in first month of quarantine we started commenting on how businesses were successfully (or unsuccessfully) adjusting to the change. We took note of what was happening in public spaces thanks to social distancing, and how physical places of businesses were 'pivoting' their business model to support a more digital audience.

What The Future Holds

Everyone here at 4x3 has big plans for Six Feet Apart. We hope to continue to provide products and content that will support our community during this time of uncertainty.

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