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Bermuda Intl 7s T-Shirts

Bermuda International 7s Rugby Tournament Branding

We're proud of our URugby brand which fosters our connection with great events like the Bermuda International 7s. The 4x3 team does a great job marketing the event and we both have a happy client in the Bermuda Rugby Union.

Stephen Siano

URugby President

Since its inception in 2016, 4x3 has worked as the event marketing agent for the Bermuda International 7s rugby tournament. 

Held each year in mid-March at Bermuda’s premier sporting event venue, the National Sports Centre. The tournament brings the very best rugby teams to the island to compete for the Cup. The tournament features mini teams (ages 9-12), high school teams, collegiate men's and women's sides.

Sports event marketing

Since its inception in 2016, 4x3 has taken on the role of the state-side marketing arm for the Bermuda International 7s. Items which have donned the Bermuda Intl 7s logo include T-shirts, posters, rugby balls, banners, jerseys and and other promotional materials.

Content and social media marketing campaigns are designed and implemented by 4x3 to boost brand recognition while promoting the event to interested rugby teams. All the marketing is anchored by a 4x3-built website and custom newsletters that act as a fountain of information for the Bermuda Rugby Union and their international 7s tournament.