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The Center for Hunger-Free Communities Website

4x3 worked with our partner SK Designworks to create an organized expandable website for The Center for Hunger-Free Communities (CHFC), part of Drexel University's School of Public Health. 4x3 implemented a fully customizable Drupal content management system that allows The CHFC to organize the multiple facets of their program into different sections of the site.

The Witnesses to Hunger section features first hand accounts, images, and videos from mothers struggling against the challenges of hunger and poverty. On the backend of the site, The CHFC can easilly upload new content, post news items, or add new media. The beautiful new site is a great display of the wonderful work that The CHFC is doing everyday.


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Center for Hunger Free Communities website

The Center for Hunger Free Communities website has launched

4x3 is excited to launch the new site for The Center for Hunger Free Communities (CHFC). Over the course of the last few months, 4x3 worked with their partner SK Designworks to develop a website for The CHFC, part of Drexel University School of Public Health.