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Covid Rapid Response Team Website

CRRT website on laptop

"The COVID Rapid Response Team was formed to respond to the immediate need for ventilators in New York City so time was of the essence. We worked with our partners at Concinnity and AES Controls to get this site up and running in just a few days. The site was utilized as a point of contact for all the teams involved, and as a resource for information on active initiatives responding to the crisis."

Amy Siano


The Covid Rapid Response Team (CRRT) website is a collaboration between AES Controls, Concinnity, CEO Connection and 4x3.

The website addresses the lack of ventilators needed to combat Covid-19; and acts as a database for important news about respirators. CRRT's main mission is to find partners to help hospitals and critical care facilities that are struggling to treat the influx of patients.

Dynamic Design in Little Time

Due to the urgency of the project, 4x3 worked tirelessly to develop the CRRT website in under a week.

The CRRT website functions to accommodate speedy content updates through user-friendly design, well-integrated modules and intelligent navigation tools, creating an educational resource for the community.

Our content strategy was designed with supporter and visitor needs in mind. We helped CRRT to organize the website effectively by creating customized solutions for related news and case studies regarding medical advancements due to the shortage of ventilators caused by Covid-19.

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CRRT website on laptop

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