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The Ghanaian Reporter Website

The Ghanaian Reporter Responsive Web Page on Laptop in Cafe

I had a dream of having a news website. My struggle was how to turn the dream into reality. 4x3 came in and blew my mind with a site that was everything I had envisioned.

P.K. Dickson

Journalist P.K. Dickson hired 4x3 to create a custom website designed to organize individual news article in a SEO- and user-friendly format. The Ghanaian Reporter website is a hub for information for stories focusing heavily on Ghana and US-Ghana relations.

P.K. Dickson is a reporter from Ghana and a member of the Foreign Press.

Custom Drupal CMS & Responsive Design

4x3 delivered a a full site built in Drupal; this content management system (CMS) uses cutting edge modules and intelligent navigation tools to enhance the functionality of the site while fully incorporating responsive web design. The responsive design also allows for visitors to easily navigate and view the website and its content no matter what size screen or device they are using.

The Ghanaian Reporter website design also incorporates the custom brand and logo »

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