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Healthscope, Inc. Website

Healthscope Website

Thanks 4x3 for your time and patience walking me through the responsive website development process, from defining what we do and who we serve, through concept design and implementation. Your straightforward, professional approach was much appreciated.

Brian King

Ardmore, PA-based Healthscope is a health care consulting firm serving hospitals, physician practices, law firms and other clients involved in the healthcare industry. After 35 years of successful business, Healthscope Principal Brian King decided it was time for a website.

Healthcare, Inc. Responsive Website

Bypassing cookie-cutter templated packages, King turned to 4x3 to create a clear, direct, easy-to-navigate site that reflects Healthscope’s straightforward approach with clients. Fully responsive on mobile and tablets, the content-rich site was designed to accommodate any future expansion.

Healthcare, Inc. Content Marketing

4x3 also created and maintains social media for the company, and produces frequent content in consultation with King highlighting the company's areas of expertise. Although not the only industry 4x3 excells in, 4x3 has taken on the lion's share of the writing and content marketing in Healthscope’s healthcare industry.

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