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Jones Family Farms Website

Jones Family Farms is a 400-acre working farm in Shelton, Conn. The farm hosts a full slate of classes, tours, pick-your-own seasonal harvests and special events, and is home to an award-wining winery.

Jones required a website that could present a large amount of information in an easy-to-navigate format, while getting across a sense of the beauty and fun of a farm visit. 4x3’s design uses easy-to-browse calendars and menus enhanced with images for a website that looks and performs great on all platforms.

Custom Drupal CMS, Web design, email hosting

The Drupal CMS is versatile and user-friendly, allowing Jones to do its own content updates and seamlessly integrate Web posts with social media. In addition to designing and building the site, 4x3 hosts and manages email, creates and deploys newsletters and provides site statistics, SEO assistance and module updates.


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Responsive Design
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