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Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Marketing

HandStand table top and wall mounted models

Safe, convenient and effective, our HandStands are the perfect way to keep yourself and those around you from unknowingly and unnecessarily spreading harmful germs.

Grace Rieck


The HandStand – your protection against infection.

Encourage patrons and employees to use hand sanitizer to protect against the COVID-19 and other germs with our handy standing disinfectant dispenser.

Clean Hands, Cleaner Surroundings 

We are offering custom hand sanitizer stations as businesses and offices begin to open again after quarantine. Our HandStand design offers touch-free, trouble-free dispensing.

  • Stay healthy: The HandStand sanitizing station is perfect for placement in malls, supermarkets, office buildings, schools, hospitals, and any establishment interested in fighting the spread of germs!
  • Germ-free solution: Each disinfectant dispenser stand is easy to assemble, available in multiple styles and models, and offers a refillable bottle that works with most hand sanitizer brands.
  • Promote hand-hygiene: With custom branding options, the HandStand can showcase a company, corporate sponsor, or local charity to customers and employees.

Brand Your HandStand

COVID-19 control is in your hands. Showcase your business, a corporate sponsor, or local charity on your HandStand

Graphics are completely customizable and will be designed by our 4x3 team on the same day as the final approved order. Each order is custom made to fit your needs; help your company stay on-brand while taking a stand against germs with a HandStandOrder today »

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HS Mini Sanitizer Station

Our popular HandStand sanitizing stations now have an even more convenient and economical design - the HS Mini. Designed specifically based on customer feedback, the HS Mini is made for businesses interested in creating a healthier environment at an affordable price.

custom hand sanitizer station

Custom Hand Sanitizer Stations for Business

Our sanitizing HandStands are designed for use in office buildings, stores and high-traffic areas. This standing disinfectant dispenser is a simple way to help slow the spread of germs. Order yours today.