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OEM Industrial Website

RBS - Rockford Ball Screw on OEM homepage

After 12 years with the same web page, OEM Industrial needed to improve and enhance their image. The 4x3 staff did a fantastic job with the new website. The initial process was painless and the end result better than expected. The new website projects a professional image and provides constant product information to my existing and potential customers.

Owen McCarron


OEM Industrial, a manufacturer's rep firm for the industrial components, tools and accessories markets, needed to move their website into the 21st century—and leapfrogged right over most competitors with a sharp, beautifully designed Drupal site from 4x3.

Easy Web Updates for Industrial Products and Manufacturers

With the new format, OEM is able to simply add manufacturers products to the website and promote manufacturers with easy updates.

The new website offers news, maps, product profiles and easy expansion into newsletters, web forms, social media integration and other marketing and fulfillment channels.   

Microsite and Logo Design

Our services for OEM Industrial also include the creation of an OEM Processing microsite and logo design

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