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Prevention Works Responsive Design

Selling Safety is not easy. 4x3 helps us with critical updates, formatting, new information and monthly checks to be sure everything looks good on the site.  They take the worry out of updating our Web page. This is essential for a grass roots organization that does a big job with little personnel. Stephen, Amy and Jim allow Safe Kids NJ to be in the field making a difference.


Injury Prevention Coordinator

In 2013, 4x3 designed and developed a web site for Northern NJ SAFE KIDS/Safe Communities, sponsored by Morristown Memorial Hospital. Working with a limited budget, 4x3 created an identity for the Prevention Works! brand and developed a custom PHP-based CMS for news and events.

Logo Design and Custom CMS for Nonprofit

The mission of NJ SAFE KIDS/Safe Communities is to reduce fatalities, injuries and property damage due to accidents on the road, at home and at play. The site is updated and maintained on a regular basis by 4x3.

Responsive Design and Custom Google Maps

In 2017, 4x3 re-designed the Prevention Works! website. 4x3 integrated Google maps and other location-based assets into the new, responsive mobile and desktop design. Now Prevention Works! visitors can easily view the complementary safety services provided to them on any device.

Prevention Works Branding

Learn more about 4x3's branding work for this New Jersey nonprofit »

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Prevention Works! on iphone

Web Design Case Study: Prevention Works!

Back in February, 4x3 redesigned Prevention Works! website. The new site strategically-focused on responsive design and custom Google maps as functional modifications to increase organic SEO and visitors.

Prevention Works Website on iMac, iPad, and iPhone

Prevention Works! Gets a New Responsive Design

Back in 2013, 4x3 designed and developed a website for Northern NJ SAFE KIDS/Safe Communities. But it was time for an upgrade... so this year we worked closely with Prevention Works! to redesign their website.

Landing Strip

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Piloting 101: Landing strips should be smooth, well-lit and free of debris; steer clear of the cracked, the weedy, the dark. It’s kinda the same thing with website landing pages. 

responsive design

Do you need responsive design or just want it for your website?

I try not to be a pressure salesman, but it may be time to re-evaluate what our website is doing for us. Not just you our clients but 4x3 - our site - our focus - the future of our industry. In the past we have been offering mobile sites and responsive design as an option. And maybe we're just not selling the options hard enough. Maybe we're just not doing our job to make you understand what's happening and how very important is to keep up.

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