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Print On-Demand Website

Print On-Demand microsite success

In collaboration with Brandywine, 4x3 designed a microsite highlighting the Print On Demand process that unifies both Brandywine Drumlabels and sub-brand Brandywine Primelabels. 

Custom, Thematic Microsite

The Print On Demand microsite was created for the purpose of educating businesses about the fast and affordable solutions provided by on-demand label printing. The objective was to create a site to capture the attention of businesses, both big and small, that were interested in the process while not overtly marketing Brandywine itself.

To achieve this, 4x3 created a custom Drupal site with integrated SEO, blog-inspired content, and organized navigation that allows for a user-friendly experience. 4x3 incorporated vibrant colors and illustrated graphics from the educational infographics on the Brandywine Drumlabels blog to create a consistent look and feel for the microsite. 

Brandywine's Comprehensive Branding

4x3 also created a website re-design and re-brand for Brandywine Drumlabels, and a new brand and website for Brandywine Primelabels.

4x3 manages Brandywine's websites, social media, digital content and SEO as well as overall branding and marketing.


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