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Brandywine Drumlabels Branding

Brandywine Drumlabels hired 4x3 to create a new logo and identity that captured the brand that Brandywine has cultivated over 20 years of service in the chemical drum labeling industry. The new logo and identity was implemented on the company website, tradeshow banners and stationery.

Brand Consultation and Implementation

Brandywine Drumlabels' marketing strategy focuses on their desire to improve hazard communication while lowering overall labeling costs. By working with 4x3, the company has been able to create a clear message for its target audience through a seamless integration of its sub-brands and websites with overall company branding.

Brandywine's Comprehensive Branding

4x3 also created a new branding identity for Brandywine Primelabels, and a website re-design for Brandywine Drumlabels and new website for Brandywine Primelabels.

4x3 manages Brandywine's websites, social media, digital content and SEO as well as overall branding and marketing.


Trade Show Displays
Trade Show Displays
brand audit
Brand Audit
Branding Identity and Logo Design
Branding and Logo Design

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