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Eastern Pennsylvania Rugby Union Website

Eastern Pennsylvanian Rugby Union Home Page

4x3, LLC has provided services to the EPRU, including website and design, since 1998. We have always found them to be resourceful, responsive and helpful.

Dana Bateman


The new EPRU website has been redesigned and redeveloped with more of a focus on team and player profiles, added user-generated content and social-networking. The redesign included restructuring the architecture of the entire site, increased dynamic content for news features, login levels for teams and members to input and update schedules, match results and the Fan Zone.

4x3 also gave the EPRU the ability to send broadcast e-mails from the website and functionality to search news, schedules and an integrated contact database for team administrators.

Custom Web CMS, database and marketing tools

The previous site 4x3 developed for the EPRU stood for over 10 years with our own custom PHP CMS. The new Drupal 7 CMS will provide the ability to add user-generated content, enable easier administration and accommodate future scalability.  

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