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GF&M Law Responsive Website

The law firm of GF&M contacted 4x3, LLC in need of a new design for their website. 4x3 delivered with a package of services to upgrade the look, site architecture and accessibility. As an added benefit, 4x3 also hosts the GF&M website guaranteeing more up-time and faster page loads on mobile, tablet and desktop for their newly designed site.

Responsive Law Web design, SEO

The GF&M law firm site homepage and all pages are now optimized for search engines, potential clients and peers. The addition of our award-winning responsive content management system allows ease of use and efficient time allocation for adding content to the site.


Responsive Design
Responsive Design
CMS - Drupal / Wordpress
Web Design
Web Design
web hosting
Web Hosting
Web Development
Web Development
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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GF&M Law Website Highlights SEO-friendly Site Structure

GF&M Law Website Highlights SEO-friendly Site Structure

When GF&M Law contacted 4x3 for a redesign of their website, we worked closely with the firm to create a site that reflected the class and professionalism of GF&M but also was functional on all devices and SEO-friendly.

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