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The National Arts Program Website

4x3 has revamped not only the NAP with an entirely new responsive website, but also added value with new ways to track our artists, engage our users and use social media to our advantage and benefit. In today's tough philanthropic times, staying fresh, dynamic and keeping your mission relevant is critical to our future. They have been a great asset to our organization.

Jackie Szafara, Executive Director

4x3 worked closely with the team at The National Arts Program Foundation to completely redesign, reorganize and reprogram the NAP website. The most important goal of the redesign was to make the site responsive and update the visual design and layout to better showcase venues and artists.

Responsive, Dynamic Website redesign: Custom Drupal CMS

4x3 reorganized the site architecture with a more focused emphasis on program venues and integrated a customized Drupal Content Management System to provide more flexibility and better control of content.

The NAP website features secure login for artists to dynamically upload work to the collective online gallery and currently features over 500 artists around the country and showcases over 9,000 original works of art, and growing. Managing close to 100 venues, 4x3 works with NAP to continually update the design and functionality of the website.

Dynamic, responsive Web design

Recently, 4x3 upgraded the responsive homepage, the Artist Gallery page and has been working to add online signup to all venues across the country.

Additionally, in 2019, 4x3 worked closely with NAP to fully redesign the website in coordination with the launch of their new logo and new brand.


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New Year, New Look: NAP Website Redesign

New Year, New Look: NAP Website Redesign

It's important that a website always reflects the company's current strategy and communicates it's brand values. Design and development are crucial when thinking about website redesign. By working closely with The National Arts Program, 4x3 was able to do a full web redesign in coordination with the launch of their new logo and new brand from J2 Design.

The Benefits of a Website Redesign

New Year, New Web Design

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Website launch for NAP

New Website Launch – The National Arts Program

4x3 is proud to announce the launch of the new National Arts Program® website. The new site has been completely redesigned and reprogrammed to update the visual design and layout to provide more impact and better showcase venues and artist work.