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Norris Sales Website

Until recently, the Norris Sales Company website was difficult to navigate from any smartphone device or tablet. Thanks to 4x3, our newly upgraded website automatically adjusts to mobile friendly content for a great look on any size screen. Contractors can now experience ease of navigation from any mobile device. Working with Stephen and Amy Siano, and the team at 4x3 was a pleasurable experience with a high level of professionalism and expertise. They accomplished our goal of maintaining and managing a single website, and keeping us on the forefront of technology.

Brian Noll, Marketing & IT Supervisor

4x3 hosts and programmed an eCommerce product-based CMS website for Norris Sales Company. In the process of managing the site, 4x3 has also added jQuery animation and redesigned the home page to meet the ever-evolving Web needs of the Norris Sales team.

E-Commerce CMS website for retail business

4x3 performs weekly updates to the website including news posts and product updates. This also includes weekly web-based broadcast newsletters that are edited and sent by 4x3 through Drupal CMS.

4x3 also handles all social media marketing; weekly posts to the Norris Sales Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest, ect. accounts to increase the reach of Norris Sales rentals, sales, training and online product announcements in Southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. 


Responsive Design
Responsive Design
Web Design
Web Design
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Social Media Marketing
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Web Development
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
E Newsletter
Email Hosting and Management
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Content Marketing
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Website Auditing
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Web Hosting

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The Benefits of a Website Redesign

New Year, New Web Design

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4x3 provides Office 365 email and application management services at very reasonable costs. As an authorized Microsoft advisor, we will work on your behalf to manage and support your email and licenses for your business. 

norris sales instagram

Norris Sales Gains Recognition Through Social Media

Over the past several months, 4x3 has been working closely with Norris Sales to create weekly marketing campaigns to help drive traffic from social media back to the website. Each targeted campaign focused on a specific aspect of the Norris Sales' inventory, ranging from construction equipment to in-store consumables. 

Four(th) by Three

The Birth of a Company

4x3 is proud to supply in-house services to all our clients, guaranteeing that all our work bleeds red, white and blue. This 4th of July, 4x3 is celebrating our roots by looking back at our fun and colorful history.

email hosting and management

Email Hosting and Management for Norris Sales

Email hosting and management is an oft-overlooked asset to a company's brand image, but invaluable in communicating the right tone of professionalism and reliability. 4x3 has worked with several clients to host and manage email in a consistent and secure manner, ensuring its services match the needs of their customers, both big and small.

Norris Sales Homepage

Norris Sales Has A New Homepage!

As part of a web design consultation with our client, Norris Sales Company Inc., 4x3 has upgraded their homepage to better fit the overall responsive design of the website. 

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