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4x3 Launches Tri Supply & Equipment Website

4x3 Launches Tri Supply & Equipment Website

4x3 is proud to announce the completion and launching of the Tri Supply & Equipment website. 4x3 designed and developed this content-managed website for Tri Supply & Equipment. The updated site was designed to allow Tri Supply and Equipment's loyal client base easy access to information on parts and servies.

Drupal Troubleshooting

Drupal Troubleshooting : Go with the Flow

When building a new website, it's not uncommon for something (sometimes everything) to go wrong along the way. And once you've solved the same problem a couple times, solving it every time after that is like working through a flow chart.

UPenn Website Launch

Penn Facilities and Real Estate Services Redesign and Launch

4x3 worked with the Facilities and Real Estate Services (FRES) team at the University of Pennsylvania to redesign and redevelop their university web presence.

4x3 cloud technology

Our Heads are in the Cloud

Cloud computing is what you think it is. It's the sharing of resources delivered over the Internet. Email is most commonly shared through the cloud. What I thought was cool is that the name, the cloud, comes from the cloud-shaped symbols used in those PC diagrams many of us know.

Friend for Friends

A Friend who helps Friends

In September 1996 a great friend, Bob Carroll, started an organization called FRIENDS for FRIENDS® inspired by the memory of his courageous friend, Al Patrone. "When he [Al] learned he had cancer, he never lost his faith in God and never got angry."


How Does Your Business Grow...By Using Pinterest!

Popular pinboard-style website Pinterest has introduced a new tool to help companies identify the number of visitors it delivers to its websites. The new feature, called Pinterest Web Analytics, will offer website owners insights into the number of visitors their site has received due to Pinterest as well as data on how many Pinterest users have shared and seen content from their site.

Mobile Website Needs

Do I Need a Mobile Website?

It seems inevitable right? More than half of all cell phone users in the US are using their mobile technology to access the Web. Over 30% of those users, use their mobile device as their primary source to access the Web. Increasingly, traffic is coming via social media, like Facebook, and Twitter, or email campaigns that users access through their smart phone or tablet.

Susan Van Horn Graphic Design Website Launch

Susan Van Horn Graphic Design Website Launch

4x3 is proud to announce the completion and launching of the Susan Van Horn Graphic Design website.

2013 Surfside Sevens

4x3 re:brands Surfside Sevens

Unveiling this year's logo... The 4x3 designers have been exercising their creative energy as they collaborate on the re:branding of the Surfside Sevens 10th Annual Rugby Tournament. The new logo design will be featured on all things related to the tournament: program, signage, t-shirts, rugby balls, frizzbees...and more!

Office Interior Shot

4x3 Celebrates One Year in New Office

With 4x3's recent growth and addition of several employees came a necessary move to a new location.