Responsive Design

Website Launch: The Phoenix Theatre Company

4x3 Launches The Phoenix Theatre Company Website March 3, 2019

4x3 is proud to announce the completion and launching of The Phoenix Theatre Company’s new website.

CWE Website Launch

4x3 Launches CWE Website February 20, 2019

4x3 is proud to announce the completion and launching of the CWE Scientific Instrument website. 

SEO-friendly Site Structure Map

GF&M Law Website Highlights SEO-friendly Site Structure August 21, 2017

When GF&M Law contacted 4x3 for a redesign of their website, we worked closely with the firm to create a site that reflected the class and professionalism of GF&M but also was functional on all devices and SEO-friendly.

 Historic Odessa Foundation website

Designing Custom Navigation for the Historic Odessa Foundation August 14, 2017

When approached by the Historic Odessa Foundation for a website redesign in 2010, 4x3 was tasked with implementing an efficient, user-friendly solution that prioritized content rich management and custom navigation. The resulting website design allowed visitors to clearly discover and understand Historic Odessa's wealth of information.

Prevention Works! on iphone

Web Design Case Study: Prevention Works! August 7, 2017

Back in February, 4x3 redesigned Prevention Works! website. The new site strategically-focused on responsive design and custom Google maps as functional modifications to increase organic SEO and visitors.

Arizona Opera Responsive Web Design

Developing Content-Rich Websites May 29, 2017

Relevant and timeless content is invaluable when developing a brand. 4x3 develops custom, fully functional sites to manage content in a SEO-friendly and organized manner.

Penn Green Campus Partnership Website on iMac, iPad, and iPhone

Penn Green Campus Partnership Adopts a Responsive Design March 2, 2017

4x3 has been partnered with the Penn Green Campus Partnership since September 2012. Back then we created a new website with a Drupal powered content management system; and now we have redesigned the site once again to be responsive on all devices for greater visual impact.

Prevention Works Website on iMac, iPad, and iPhone

Prevention Works! Gets a New Responsive Design February 10, 2017

Back in 2013, 4x3 designed and developed a website for Northern NJ SAFE KIDS/Safe Communities. But it was time for an upgrade... so this year we worked closely with Prevention Works! to redesign their website.

 Age Responsive Design

Age Responsive Design December 30, 2016

When we began the web design process the other day with a client, we stumbled across a new phrase in the RWD world: Age Responsive Design.

Facebook Instant Articles on Mobile Web

Streamlining the Mobile Web: Facebook and Google Look to Boost Browsing March 9, 2016

Ever wish news articles in Google search or Facebook feeds would load faster on your phone? Our benevolent Web overlords feel your pain. There’s a mini horse-race going on right now between Google and Facebook over which will attract the most publishers to their new content platforms designed to make loading articles lightning fast in iOS and Android. 

Google Responsive Design Icons

Perfecting Responsive Design on Mobile—and Beyond October 23, 2014

Here at 4x3, we’re always looking for ways to do things better. The conversation today revolved around making e-newsletters more responsive. Since so many people open emails on their phones, it makes sense to set best practices for design and content that optimizes the reading experience. 

Creating Responsive Images

Responsive Design: Creating Responsive Images September 25, 2014

About a year ago, I programmed my first ever responsive website. I had heard of and seen them in action, but I never actually made one myself. It definitely was, and still is, a learning experience. My first few sites had some clunky and less than elegant responsive solutions in them. But in the past year, I’ve learned lots of tricks that make responsive sites easy to build and wanted to share.

AGA Developers

Welcome AGA Developers! November 11, 2013

4x3 is proud to announce that AGA Developers has been added to our list of clients. We will be providing AGA Developers with a variety of services including website development and design as well as branding.

Fred Flintstone

The Fred Flintstone Effect November 7, 2013

Recently one of our clients received an email with the subject line: "I noticed a problem with your mobile website."

responsive design

Do you need responsive design or just want it for your website? May 29, 2013

I try not to be a pressure salesman, but it may be time to re-evaluate what our website is doing for us. Not just you our clients but 4x3 - our site - our focus - the future of our industry. In the past we have been offering mobile sites and responsive design as an option. And maybe we're just not selling the options hard enough. Maybe we're just not doing our job to make you understand what's happening and how very important is to keep up.

Mobile Website Needs

Do I Need a Mobile Website? March 12, 2013

It seems inevitable right? More than half of all cell phone users in the US are using their mobile technology to access the Web. Over 30% of those users, use their mobile device as their primary source to access the Web. Increasingly, traffic is coming via social media, like Facebook, and Twitter, or email campaigns that users access through their smart phone or tablet.

Featured Project: Historic Odessa Foundation

Featured Project: Historic Odessa Foundation August 25, 2011

4x3 designed a dynamic site for the Historic Odessa Foundation that showcases the historical beauty of this uniquely preserved colonial town and its unique museum collection.

Historic Odessa Website Launch

Redesign of Historic Odessa website Kicks-off Today June 30, 2010

4x3 is please to announce their new client, The Historic Odessa Foundation. The project will entail a complete redesign of their current website along with the implementation of a customized Drupal CMS.