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American Flag Capitol Dome FOIA

This Fourth of July Marks a Milestone for Freedom of Information

July 4 this year is the 240th birthday of the United States. It is also the 50th anniversary of the Freedom of Information Act, which president Lyndon Johnson signed into law on July 4, 1966. 

Shuchang Jin

4x3 Intern Shuchang Jin Doesn't Fetch Coffee

We at 4x3 are proud of our internship program, which pays a stipend to talented college students and recent design school graduates at the same time it gives them valuable real-world experience. 

ESPN Promotion

Typography: What’s Your Pet Peeve?

Are you persnickety about correct type and punctuation? I think most people who work in design are. Amy Siano, 4x3’s president and CCO, noticed a gaffe in a recent promo from ESPN — a single quote used where an apostrophe was called for (in the picture above, before “85”). Not cool, ESPN!

Facebook Content Marketing

Facebook Marketing: Answering the Doubters

A client of ours recently expressed skepticism about Facebook as a marketing platform. Before you gasp, let me just say—his questions are perfectly legitimate. Remember, just because Facebook reaches over a billion people worldwide does not automatically guarantee it’s the best solution in every case.

South Square

Never Discount ‘Old Fashioned’ Marketing: A Case Study in Success

Social media, viral videos, pop-up events—there’s lots of fun options these days for marketing your business. In all the enthusiasm for new media channels, some of the older strategies can get left by the wayside. When it comes to reach and ROI, however, sometimes there’s no better path than the tried-and-true press release.

Facebook Instant Articles on Mobile Web

Streamlining the Mobile Web: Facebook and Google Look to Boost Browsing

Ever wish news articles in Google search or Facebook feeds would load faster on your phone? Our benevolent Web overlords feel your pain. There’s a mini horse-race going on right now between Google and Facebook over which will attract the most publishers to their new content platforms designed to make loading articles lightning fast in iOS and Android. 

Content Marketing

Netflix, Content Marketing, and the Power of Data

I read recently that Nexflix greenlighted "House of Cards" without first making a pilot. This constitutes a $100 million investment (what it cost to produce "House of Cards" Season 1) without any sort of test to see whether audiences actually liked the show. 

Optimizing SEO

Optimizing SEO Beyond Google

In search, Google is king, but that doesn't mean you should ignore the other search engines out there. According to Search Engine Land, one in five searches now take place through Bing—not a small percentage. Other search platforms are also growing (i.e. Duck Duck Go, based right here on the Main Line), and old warhorse Yahoo holds on to a significant amount of Internet searches.

Trenton Stables Deck

Looking Back and Thinking Ahead

It may seem like a cliche, but New Year’s is a time to reflect. We can’t help ourselves — times of transition make us pause and think about what’s changed in our lives, what’s constant, and what’s to come. 

A Gift that Keeps Giving

Passing the Good Along in This Season of Giving

The holidays are a time of joy and goodwill, and in the spirit of this most wonderful season, 4x3 is purchasing memberships for our clients to Friends for Friends, a local charity dedicated to helping families faced with difficult circumstances.