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When GF&M Law contacted 4x3 for a redesign of their website, we worked closely with the firm to create a site that reflected the class and professionalism of GF&M but also was functional on all devices and SEO-friendly.

Thoughtful Structural Design for Businesses

4x3 specializes in business web design; we strive to create just the right website for each client. Our services range from custom CMS design and development to logo design and visual branding and beyond. 

Our work with GF&M Law focused not only on a functional responsive design, but also site architecture and accessibility. The GF&M law firm website homepage and interior pages are optimized for search engines, potential clients, and fellow peers. 4x3's thoughtful design integrated SEO-friendly structure into every aspect of the website. 

Why Structure Matters

Good site structure is at the very core of organic SEO.

GF&M Law's SEO-friendly site structure is one of the most crucial aspects of a site’s SEO performance. We purposely created a site with logical and hierarchical site structure. This allows users to finding pages where they’re expected, thus locating what they are seeking more quickly. The more appealing GF&M Law's site to users, the more appealing it is to search engines, too. Google’s algorithm uses information from users to rank the site. 

Good site structure enables great user experience, which in turn provides the site with higher Google ranking and sitelinks on search engines.

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Gordon, Fournaris & Mammarella, P.A. is a law firm located in Wilmington, Delaware. Their staff boasts a number of highly skilled attorneys and paralegals prepared to fight for their clients in cases about Captive Insurance, Trusts and Estate Planning, Fiduciary Litigation, Commercial Real Estate, and more.

The firm is also affiliated with The First State Registered Agent Company. GF&M Law can provide incorporation services for Delaware corporations and formation services for Limited Liability Companies and Limited Partnerships.

Visit their website to learn more »

August 21, 2017
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4x3 Ideas

This weeked, many of us in the 4x3 family are down in Charlotte, NC for a big event! The ACRC Bowl Series, a production of our sister company URugby, is bringing 18 top college rugby teams to the Rugby Athletic Center in Charlotte for high-level competition.

The design wizards at 4x3 add to the class and professionalism of URugby events with our cool ball, banner, apparel, website and program book designs. We're proud of the way we've combined our multiplatform website and design expertise with a passion for the great sport of rugby. 

Rugby is the fastest-growing sport in the USA

You may not know much about rugby, but it's the fastest-growing sport in the USA on the youth and college level (often compared to the rise of soccer in the US a few decades ago). Though it often flies under the radar, there's lots of excitement and some great rivalries in the college rugby scene 

Check out for more info and to watch streaming feeds and live blog updates of all this weekend's games. 

November 20, 2015

4x3 Ideas

If you’re in the market for a professional, custom website, chances are you’re considering Wordpress or Drupal as a CMS platform. Both are well-known and widely popular, and the right one for you may depend on the features and functionality you require, as well as the user interface you prefer. 

Wordpress and Drupal have important things in common. Both are browser-based content management systems, making them accessible from any computer or mobile device. Neither requires special software to use. Both are intuitive and easy to learn as a day-to-day website editing tool, yet offer many customization features (plug-ins and modules) allowing for a website to incorporate as many features as you require. 

Wordpress and Drupal are also updated frequently and are known for addressing security issues and “keeping up with the Jonses” when it comes to the latest website design trends. 

Why Wordpress?

Wordpress has the advantage of familiarity — it’s the CMS people are most likely to have used already. The Wordpress website platform looks and feels the same as the popular free Wordpress blogging platform. Building out the website architecture on the basis of the blogging interface makes Wordpress easy to use as well as customizable.  

Wordpress tools make inserting ads and setting up sites for e-commerce a cinch, and with the addition of a plugin like the All-in-One SEO pack, it's easy for those without a lot of SEO experience to stick to best SEO practices. 

If Wordpress were a food, it would be pizza—it started out simple, popular and reliably good, and eventually had lots of nice things added to it to the point where it could come in lots of varieties and even be considered gourmet. 

One thing to remember about WordPress is that, unlike the basic blogging packages, most website elements cost money. From premium themes to pro-versions of popular plugins, building a topnotch WordPress site can add up. 

Why Drupal?

Drupal’s reputation as the primo Web content management system is well-earned. Most of the biggest and best websites you see on the Web are more than likely built in Drupal. Why? It’s an endlessly adaptable and sophisticated CMS, constantly being improved by users around the globe. 

Drupal, you see, is open source—in other words, it can be freely used, changed and shared by developers. Open source can make for a dizzying array of choices and variations, but it means your website features are always truly cutting edge. 

Techies love Drupal because they can customize a website to do exactly what they need it to do—no fitting square pegs in round holes. There is a Drupal module for just about anything you could imagine. Looking to add games and quizzes? Need a microsite? Want to try cool things like parallax scrolling? Drupal is right there with you. 

While no CMS in the world is 100% foolproof or immune to hacking, Drupal is very secure and stable. And because it's not owned by a central conglomerate, there’s no risk of a feature being yanked from the market or modified in a way you don’t like. 

Editing in Drupal happens right on the page, unlike Wordpress, in which everything is approached from a separate portal. This makes it easy to find and modify any element of a website. Basic content editing is easy and intuitive, and lots of SEO-friendly features are built right into the back end.

As you may have guessed by now, Drupal is not meant to be a prepackaged “out of the box” solution. Because of this, more complex actions—such as setting up and maintaining e-commerce, updating ads and modifying site architecture—are more complicated than in WordPress. 

If Drupal were a food, it would be gumbo—worked on and refined by lots and lots of skilled cooks over time to become the delicious staple it is today, with lots of styles to choose from.  

The Right CMS For You

The right CMS for you depends on your specific needs, both now and down the road. How varied and adaptable do you need your site to be? What is the primary goal of your site? How many people will be using it? These are some of the questions you will want to ask when talking with a web developer about the best website solution for you.

August 18, 2015
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4x3 Ideas

When building a new website, it's not uncommon for something (sometimes everything) to go wrong along the way. And once you've solved the same problem a couple times, solving it every time after that is like working through a flow chart.

So for anyone who is struggling with a problem in Drupal, here's a handy infographic covering the first step I always take when trying to fix an issue.

Clear the Cache

Clearing the cache isn't a guaranteed fix, but it's a great place to start and can fix plenty of potential issues.

For all those problems that clearing the cache doesn't solve, check back for more flow charts in the future. Rachel Schmitz is a 4x3 interactive designer and professional cache clearer from way back.

Clear the Cache

May 8, 2013
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Website Launch

4x3 is proud to announce the launch of the new website for Gordon, Fournaris & Mammarella, a law firm in Wilmington, DE. GF&M requested a new design for their website, and 4x3 responded with a new look, a well constructed site architecture, and a Drupal powered content management system.

Drupal CMS and Site Hosting

Through the Drupal CMS, the staff at GF&M can easily make updates to their site, like adding publications, news, or updating information about staff members. 4x3 also hosts the GF&M site, which ensures faster pages loads and more up time.

It was a pleasure working with GF&M and 4x3 looks forward to a continued relationship now that the site has launched.

December 3, 2011

Website Launch

4x3 is excited to launch the new site for The Center for Hunger Free Communities (CHFC). Over the course of the last few months, 4x3 worked with their partner SK Designworks to develop a website for The CHFC, part of Drexel University School of Public Health.

The CHFC is an organization dedicated to implementing research and action projects geared towards helping solve the challenges of hunger and economic insecurity in today's communities. Their projects are based in Philadelphia, but with the help of a new dynamic website from 4x3, they hope to expand to more cities and communities in years to come. The Center's work encompasses four projects, and 4x3's Drupal powered content management system displays each on the site in a well organized and easily updated way. One of these projects is the Witnesses to Hunger section, where the site reader can easily navigate through images of the mothers and children, personal testimonies, and video clips.

4x3 is always honored to do work for an organization that is doing so much good for the community, and is proud to launch this beautiful site in hopes that The CHFC can help even more people in need.

November 14, 2011
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4x3 News

Clear Sound, Inc is simply the best when it comes to audio visual production, event production, and a/v service technicians.

So when it came time to rebuild their website, they chose the best. They chose Swivel Studios and their CMS programming partner 4x3.

Custom Drupal CMS

4x3 programmed custom designs created by Swivel Studios, a long-time partner, to create a completely custom Drupal CMS website for Clear Sound. The CMS is extremely user friendly, and stories like News and Events are easily added or updated by the client on a regular basis.

September 7, 2011
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4x3 News

4x3 designed a dynamic site for the Historic Odessa Foundation that showcases the historical beauty of this uniquely preserved colonial town and its unique museum collection.

One of the website's nicest features is the Virtual Tour. This feature allows a user to explore the grounds at Historic Odessa and learn more information, while planning their next trip.

Custom Drupal CMS

By implementing a custom Drupal content management system, the employees at Odessa can easily upload new images, create news and events, and edit the content on each page. The usability of the CMS has been critical in allowing Historic Odessa to keep visitors up to date with the daily happenings of the Foundation.

With a busy Fall approaching, Historic Odessa Foundation used their site's scheduling program to organize the coming month's events in a clear and informative way. That's just one of the benefits your company will have by using a custom Drupal content management system from 4x3.

Visit our Portfolio to read more about the Historic Odessa Foundation Website »

The digital world is changing quickly, 4x3 can bring your company up to speed. Whether its a brand overhaul you're looking for, or help managing your social networking sites, 4x3 has the tools and capabilities to give your company the web presence it needs.

Learn more about our services on our website »

August 25, 2011
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Website Launch

4x3 is please to announce their new client, The Historic Odessa Foundation. The project will entail a complete redesign of their current website along with the implementation of a customized Drupal CMS.

The main focus of the new site will be to develop a website for Historic Odessa that provides information for historic preservationists, adult tourists, families and school groups. The site will prominently feature custom photography, provide easy access to information, and include a “virtual tour” that promotes their visual presence.

Historic Odessa Foundation

The mission of the Historic Odessa Foundation is to preserve and encourage the use of it's historic buildings by the general public, students, and scholars in order to learn and appreciate the history, architecture, daily life, and furnishings of Delaware's colonial period with the anticipation that this process will contribute to the quality of life in the town of Odessa and the region.

June 30, 2010

Website Launch

4x3, partnered with SK Designworks, will redesign a website and integrate organic search engine optimization for NaviGATE. The site will be constructed on the Drupal content management system platform integrating a custom designed theme. NaviGATE is an IT management consulting firm located in Villanova, PA focused on helping organizations successfully align their IT operations with their overall business goals.

SK Designworks

Soonduk Krebs has been managing and operating SK Designworks since 1996. Prior to forming SKDW, she worked as a practicing designer for seven years, during which time she learned how to understand and address the needs of a wide range of clients, from multi-national corporations like Citibank, to small, local not-for-profit entities. Today, Soonduk uses her experience to develop creative, dynamic design solutions for some of the region’s most important commercial, educational, public service and not-for-profit institutions.


Bringing to bear more than three decades of experience managing all facets of IT strategy and operations, The NaviGATE management team has the capabilities to transform a company's IT group into a results-oriented, client-centric organization that drives business value.

June 27, 2010
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Website Launch

4x3 and SwivelStudios have partnered again on the development of a new website for Clear sound, Inc. a full service Audio and Video production company and systems Integrator. 4x3 is workng closely with SwivelStudios to integrate a new design theme with a customized Drupal CMS. 4x3 will also provide SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consulting and custom keyword development.


4x3 partners with SwivelStudios on web design projects. SwivelStudios is a small graphic design studio just outside Philadelphia. We specialize in creating fantastic print collateral, custom web interface design, and branding and identity campaigns. SwivelStudios prides itself on creating quality and unique design communications that make an impact and are delivered on time.

May 11, 2010
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Website Launch

4x3 is proud to announce the launch of the new National Arts Program® website. The new site has been completely redesigned and reprogrammed to update the visual design and layout to provide more impact and better showcase venues and artist work.

4x3 also reorganized the site architecture with a more focused emphasis on program venues and integrated a customized Drupal Content Management System (CMS) to provide more flexibility and better control of content. The site features secure login for artists to upload work to the collective online gallery showcase. The site currently showcases over 500 original works of art from over a hundred artists and and is growing every day. The operating mission of The National Arts Program® is to provide a free and uninhibited opportunity for participating visual artists to come forth with their talents, at their personal skill level, to be displayed professionally for public viewing.

By removing the obstacles to artistic expression, the Program gives participants a forum to expand and showcase their talent in the visual arts; this in turn gives them a sense of accomplishment, a sense of self-worth, and a more positive attitude in life. It is sponsored by the private National Arts Program Foundation, Malvern, PA.

March 19, 2010

Website Launch

4x3, LLC partnered with Cooper Graphic Design to launch the Continuing Education Program of University of the Arts website. 4x3 designed a custom content management system for the project.

Custom CMS

With a custom CMS, 4x3 mapped out the entire Continuing Education Program of University of the Arts curriculum. Each course and it's content and description interfaced with the in-house course catalog.

September 13, 2009
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Website Launch

4x3 partnered with Cooper Graphic Design on the redesign of the Philadelphia University School of Architecture and School of Design and Engineering websites. 4x3 developed a custom backend database and Web-based Content Management System (CMS) for student and faculty portfolio projects and faculty bios.

March 29, 2008
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