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Website Launch

The Rouse Group Development Company hired 4x3 to create a simple, static site to highlight the numerous projects completed over the years.

Designing A Simple, Yet Functional Website

We worked closely with John Rouse to create a detailed website that encompassed the company's more than 30 years of road work and land development, all while paying homage to the founder and his work with John M. Rouse, Inc. established in the 1970s.

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About The Rouse Group

The Rouse Group Development Company, L.P. is a professional land development firm that specializes in general contracting and construction management for commercial and residential communities. The Rouse Group Development Company was founded in 1985 by John Rouse and has decades of experience built on the principle that customers are best served by detail-oriented management that will carry every project from drawing board to completion.

John M. Rouse is the President and CEO of The Rouse Group Development Company, L.P. For over 45 years, Mr. Rouse has worked in the heavy construction field developing countless office buildings, sewer treatment plants, hospitals, super highways, bridges, shopping centers, refineries, colleges and steel plants.

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July 27, 2017
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4x3 News

Relevant and timeless content is invaluable when developing a brand. 4x3 develops custom, fully functional sites to manage content in a SEO-friendly and organized manner.

Developing Arizona Opera

In 2014, Arizona Opera was looking to upgrade its web presence and reorganize the large amount of content on its website. 4x3 partnered with Cause Design on the redesign, redevlopment and rearchitecture of azopera.org. The Arizona Opera website required an organized way to publish and manage everything from news and press releases to performances and events. 

4x3 was up for the challenge!

4x3 developed a full site rebuild in Drupal, creating an inviting, user-friendly website for the opera's many visitors and stakeholders. We also integrated custom Drupal modules and and intelligent navigation tools to ease the burden of updates for this content-rich website and enhance the functionality of the site. The site can now be managed without any high-level programming expertise while remaining while fully incorporating responsive web design.

Due to the heavily content oriented aspect of the website, a high level or organization needed to be applied during the development process. We worked closely with Arizona Opera to create a detailed site map to guarantee a simple layout and easily navigated internal pages. This level organization was implemented in every step of development. 

About Arizona Opera

Arizona Opera, originally the Tucson Opera Company, was founded in 1971 by a dedicated group of opera enthusiasts. 

Since its inaugural year, Arizona Opera has produced over 170 fully-staged operas and concerts. The company’s artistic history is rich with a blend of opera’s traditional repertoire featuring baroque, bel canto, and verismo works, turn-of-the-century masterpieces, operettas, and American operas. Arizona Opera preforms complete seasons in both Tucson and Phoenix.

About Cause Design

Cause Design Company was founded by Principal and Creative Director Rodd Whitney, an award-winning designer who has more than 20 years of experience at the intersection of design and the corporate and non—profit sectors.

Years of Experience in Web Development

4x3 has been developing websites since it was founded. As an integral part of our web design process, 4x3 implements thoughtful web development during all phases or building and programming (or reprogramming) a website; including Drupal, eCommerce, and custom CMS.

May 29, 2017
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4x3 News

To stand out to your target audience you need to break away from a basic web templates and create a custom web design that reflects your company's brand and services. And we helped our client, Relate Personal Finance, do just that.

Custom Web Design

Relate Personal Finance breaks the mold for a financial service website.

Most financial websites utilize stock photos and white backgrounds to highlight their services. But not Relate!

4x3 worked very closely with the founder and chief advisor of Relate, John O’Brien, to create a website that stood out among the stuffy, cliché financial websites that exist today. To successfully distinguish his company's web design from the competition, part of John’s approach was appealing to a younger demographic than financial advisors usually went after – young professionals and new families – by using a memorable user experience and custom features.

To achieve this, 4x3 and Relate worked towards a layout that avoided stock photos and moved toward a more illustrative design.

Your Website Reflects Your Brand

The Relate Personal Finance website was designed to promote the brand at every turn.

4x3 created custom graphics and illustrations for every page of the website; from financial news to resources, each image is used to invoke confidence in John’s abilities and services.

The uniformed use of graphic design also allows Relate to effortlessly represent its brand. 4x3 developed a unique, yet identifiable, style for Relate by having consistent color scheme and design technique.

Another advantage of having an illustrative website is that each image creates automatic content for social media. With every blog post and financial fact that is published on the website the accompanying graphic is social media ready!

About Relate Personal Finance

John started Relate Personal Finance to help individuals, families and small businesses make smart financial decisions regardless of their income or wealth level. By approaching financial advice with a coach-like approach, John's goal is to inspire clients to take control of their own financial future.

The name Relate is a reminder to understand each client’s perspective. Understanding your situation, which includes more than just the monetary component, allows you to create a custom set of options to achieve your financial goals.

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April 24, 2017

Website Launch

4x3 is proud to announce the completion and launching of the Relate Personal Finance website.

Financial Advice That Relates To You

4x3 provided interactive design consulting and a custom Drupal Content Management System (CMS) for John O'Brien, a local financial advisor who specializes in a coach-like approach to financial planning. John started Relate Personal Finance to help individuals, families and small businesses make smart financial decisions regardless of their income or wealth level.

John wanted to standout among the hundreds of independent financial advisors working in Philadelphia. Opting out of the boring finance website that uses stock photo, John commissioned 4x3 for custom graphics and animations to give a new and refreshing look to his website.  

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Check out the Relate website »

Drupal CMS and Site Hosting

4x3 will be hosting and maintaining the Drupal-powered Relate Personal Finance website. Through the Drupal CMS, John can easily make updates to his website, like adding resources, news, or updating information about his services.

4x3 also worked with Relate Personal Finance to create the logo and brand. 4x3 provides content and social media marketing, SEO, and web maintenance services as well.

It was a pleasure working with John and 4x3 looks forward to a continued relationship now that the site has launched.

March 31, 2017

4x3 News

As part of a web design consultation with our client, Norris Sales Company Inc., 4x3 has upgraded their homepage to better fit the overall responsive design of the website. 

While the homepage isn't considered the #1 landing page anymore, it is (hands down!) the most visited page on your whole website; because even if someone does not directly land on your homepage when first visiting the site, their first instinct is to click on the homepage after viewing the initial content which caught their attention.

Your homepage is like a storefront window -- a showcase of your best content easily available for any possible window shoppers. As such, if it isn't visually appealing or informative, then chances are visitors will quickly move on.

Out with the Old, In with the New

Norris Sales saw that their homepage was, statistically, a very high exit page. So, after consulting with 4x3, they decided that a redesign for a simplistic, yet informative homepage was needed. 4x3 helped Norris Sales identify what they wanted to highlight on the homepage and what could be removed. The new homepage design selected the best elements to feature Norris Sales' identity and mission, including:

  • new navigation menu
  • latest news slider
  • wider break point
  • custom Google maps
  • featured manufacturers
  • redesigned super footer

Being primarily a heavy equipment dealer, Norris Sales wanted to shift focus from individual products to their most popular manufacturers; moving toward broader categories allowed for greater involvement. Visual elements also became a center-piece; highlighting the latest news stories, store locations, and featured equipment. Also by implementing a wider break point and simplified navigation, Norris Sales was able to move away from a cluttered homepage to a more open web design.

About Norris Sales

Norris Sales Company has been providing best in class construction products and service to Philadelphia and its surrounding suburbs since 1956. Norris Sales has recently expanded to a new headquarters in Conshohocken, PA and opened a second sales and rental location in Sicklerville, NJ. 

Their knowledgeable staff and two centralized locations allow Norris Sales to provide top notch service to all of their customers throughout the rental, sales, service or training process.

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March 10, 2017

4x3 News

Back in 2013, 4x3 designed and developed a website for Northern NJ SAFE KIDS/Safe Communities. But it was time for an upgrade... so this year we worked closely with Prevention Works! to redesign their website.

A website “redesign” doesn’t necessarily mean that you completely scrap your old website and start anew. Brand and identity can stay the same, along with other design elements. But as your company and technology both evolve, it is necessary to make functional modifications that help your website and its visitors run more smoothly. 

Adding headlines or graphics or even custom elements can have a big return. Prevention Works! strategically-focused their redesign on responsive design and custom Google maps.

Responsive Design

Responsive design makes a website easily adaptable to fit the screen sizes of any mobile device. 

With an on-the-go lifestyle that many of us lead, it is no surprise that most websites have a high mobile usage rate. A responsive design makes it possible for visitors to navigate the Prevention Works! website easily across all unique devices, providing a great user experience. 

Responsive design is a necessary feature for any modern website. In fact, Google is now telling searchers whether your website is mobile friendly or not with their new mobile friendly test. This will inevitably affect your credibility, click-through rate, lead generation and sales.

Custom Google Maps

Prevention Works! hosts several location-based services across Northern New Jersey.

We also built and integrated custom Google maps and other location-based assets into mobile and desktop redesign. Our Drupal-based web platform allows for sophisticated multi-layer, interactive map that enhances the website's usability, social integration and local SEO.

About Our Client

PreventionWorks-NJ.org is the official website of Northern NJ SAFE KIDS/Safe Communities. The Northern NJ SAFE KIDS coalition work is to prevent childhood injury through research, community outreach, legislative advocacy and media awareness campaigns. Safe Kids Worldwide has over 500 chapters and coalitions in all 50 states, and has partners in 25 countries.

As a non-profit sponsored by Morristown Memorial Hospital, their mission is to reduce fatalities, injuries and property damage due to unintentional injuries on the road, at home and at play. As such, Prevention Works! provides complementary safety services through Northern New Jersey.

February 10, 2017

4x3 Ideas

After two and a half years doing content marketing and Website copywriting at 4x3, I’m moving on next week to a new job. While excited to be starting this new chapter of my professional life, I will always be appreciative of the time I spent here working for Stephen and Amy.

I recently created an updated job description to help in the new hire process for my position. When I sent it to Stephen to look over, he asked, “Is this what you thought you were going to do when you started?!”

Well, that’s a good question. I did not know I would learn as much as I have about the ins and outs of the Drupal CMS. I did not know I would do so much SEO work and client consulting, or participate in design and branding discussions.

I didn’t know I would be sampling craft beers for “research” and getting on the mic at a beer festival to announce prize giveaways. I didn't know I'd be singing the National Anthem at a rugby tournament.

And speaking of rugby... If you told me when I started I would be writing commentary on the sport’s rise in popularity and covering matches like a sportswriter, I’d have said you were crazy.

4x3: Creativity & Collaboration

In other words, like all good jobs, working at 4x3 was unpredictable in the best sense. The variety of work I was able to do and the level of trust put in me by Stephen and Amy was both gratifying and enriching. The office environment encourages creativity and collaboration, and getting to work alongside designers was a real bonus. I’ve gained a true “360 degree” perspective on marketing and insights into an entrepreneurial, client-centered approach to doing business that no previous job was able to give me.

So thank you, Sianos, and all the people I’ve worked with at 4x3. It has truly been a great experience and I wish the best success to this awesome little Web design shop as it rockets toward the future.

July 25, 2016
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4x3 Ideas

This weeked, many of us in the 4x3 family are down in Charlotte, NC for a big event! The ACRC Bowl Series, a production of our sister company URugby, is bringing 18 top college rugby teams to the Rugby Athletic Center in Charlotte for high-level competition.

The design wizards at 4x3 add to the class and professionalism of URugby events with our cool ball, banner, apparel, website and program book designs. We're proud of the way we've combined our multiplatform website and design expertise with a passion for the great sport of rugby. 

Rugby is the fastest-growing sport in the USA

You may not know much about rugby, but it's the fastest-growing sport in the USA on the youth and college level (often compared to the rise of soccer in the US a few decades ago). Though it often flies under the radar, there's lots of excitement and some great rivalries in the college rugby scene 

Check out ACRCBowlSeries.com for more info and to watch streaming feeds and live blog updates of all this weekend's games. 

November 20, 2015

4x3 Ideas

Here at 4x3, we’re always looking for ways to do things better. The conversation today revolved around making e-newsletters more responsive. Since so many people open emails on their phones, it makes sense to set best practices for design and content that optimizes the reading experience. 

Turns out, Google has been thinking a lot about this, too. Back in June, the company announced a comprehensive design initiative called Material Design. “It's Google's first design manifesto, and within it lies a message about how the company sees its users interacting with everything from watches to cars,” Gizmodo noted at the time. 

Responsive Design From Google

Google, always taking the long view, is looking beyond smartphones and tablets to the day when we are interacting with the Web in a wide range of environments—the much-heralded “Internet of things.” 

It makes sense they would be working hard to unify the user experience for all these applications, especially as they try to stay one step ahead of Apple’s iOS. Perhaps Google imagines a day when Android is the “videotape” of Web design, and iOS is the “betamax.” Even if their agenda is not quite that aggressive, this type of standardization obviously makes a lot of business sense. 

So what principles does Google believe are important? Bold graphics, clean lines, seamless transitions, spacing to create hierarchy, “familiar tactile attributes” and visual cues grounded in reality, such as can be seen in the hundreds of free-to-use icons the company just released under a Creative Commons license. 

Anybody interested in Web design and how to create the best experience for online audiences should pay attention to what Google is up to.

October 23, 2014
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4x3 Ideas

Remember back to the days when you’d see a flyer or a poster with a Web address at the bottom, so you’d go to the site, and it would be nothing more than a page showing the flyer/poster? Those Seinfeld-era websites may be long gone, but some companies and organizations still behave as if that’s all their websites are for: to be static placeholders for information.

Today, people want and expect frequently updated, dynamic websites that capture their interest and bring them back again and again. If you’re opening a shop, you need to do more than just put basic info up online. If you’re a sports club looking for new players, a mere presence on the Web will not get anyone's attention. To throw out another ‘90s reference: It’s simply not true that if you build it, they will come. You’ve got to market what you build. 

Marketing means keeping your site fresh and sending e-newsletter updates. It means being active on social media. It means mixing up content, offering videos, contests, lessons and tutorials—whatever engages your target audience. Doing this successfully takes more than good intentions; if you’re a business of any size, a nonprofit, team, or club, it’s important to dedicate time and resources to this effort. Next week on this blog, I’ll lay out some strategies for doing just that.   

Next Week: Showing Dedication to Marketing

September 16, 2014

4x3 Ideas

This is a question that I've been getting alot lately from family, friends and curious underclassmen. So! Here's my little blog post about my internship with 4x3 :) I have a lot I wanna talk about, so I'll be splitting this post into two parts. This part will be about how I found it, and next will be about the internship and what I've learned from it. 

Flashback to December 2013. I think the question in most, if not all, the junior design majors' minds was: "Where the heck am I going to get an internship???"

At that time I had started my search for a summer internship. (I know, December—that's really early, Kristina!) I had just finished my first real Web design course. I was pretty stoked about CSS and building sites and I was already registered for an interactive class for next semester. I was open to any design internship, but with my new love for Web, I felt like a Web design internship would be a great way to grow. 

Anywho, around that time one of my professors posted an internship opening for 4x3 on LinkedIn. I had heard of 4x3 before, just wasn't sure where (later I realized my very awesome-talented-lovely-cool friend Carol Ly had interned there before and I remembered she had mentioned 4x3 a couple times). What first caught my attention was the location and the fact that it was a web design firm. I am also from the Main Line so it's pretty close (takes less than 10 min. for me to get here!). I did some research on 4x3, and what really got me was the amount and the variety of work they've done in web. So many different clients! So, I sent a pdf of some of my work to Amy hoping for a possible reply...and I got a reply the next day!

I think I interviewed two weeks later at the firm with Amy, Rachel, and Stephen. I was a bit nervous. I've never presented my design work for a job before. But as soon as I walked in I already liked the work atmosphere. Everyone was so chill and by the end we were talking about the most recent episode of Sherlock. What surprised me was the amount of print projects they've also done along with their web work. And as a design student I thought it would be a great oppurtunity to practice and use my web and print skills. After the interview, I felt like I was a good fit for 4x3 and I was really excited to start working for them in May :) 

Stay tuned for Part II: Design Internship, Part II »


September 15, 2014
SEO Terms:

Website Launch

4x3 is proud to announce the completion and launching of the Susan Van Horn Graphic Design website.

4x3 provided interactive design consulting and a custom Drupal CMS  for Susan, a local, freelance graphic designer who specializes in book design.

This is Susan's first offical online presence. Her online portfolio beautifully showcases her breadth of work.

4x3 will be hosting and maintaining the Drupal powered Susan Van Horn site.

"Thanks so much for your great work and patience. I love what you guys have set up — it's exactly how I had hoped it would be. I was nervous about breaking into this medium but you've done a great job working me through the process."

- Susan Van Horn

March 10, 2013

Website Launch

4x3 recently introduced Morris Rugby Corporation's newly re-designed website. Along with the complete visual redesign, 4x3 upgraded the site to a Drupal powered Content Management System.

The Morris Rugby Corporation website stands out among its rugby peers with its unique, content rich, dynamic homepage. Morris Rugby Corporation seeks to provide a structure in which rugby and other amateur sports can be developed in the New Jersey area, combining athletic excellence with community service.

The newly redesigned site has been well received within the Morris rugby community.

"It is such a pleasure to work with 4x3. I cannot say enough about the excellent work they have done for us over the years. We have recently gone through a major design upgrade to our site. At no time did we have any issues accessing the site. Everything was done in a professional manner and most importantly, we have a user friendly site for all. Stephen and Amy have always put our needs first. We have worked closely together for 10+ years and I would never dream of looking elsewhere. Their dedication to their clients is unique. I would highly recommend 4x3 web design to anyone looking for a creative, unique website!" 

- Val Gibson, Executive Director, Morris Rugby Corporation

February 24, 2013
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Website Launch

Derived from an authentic island formula favored by colonial Victorian gentlemen, Royall Lyme Bermuda has a wonderful scent and it's a brand we love here at 4x3. Today, we relaunched their website. They still have the same timeless style that every man loves and every women wants for their man. Welcome back Royall Lyme!

April 19, 2012

4x3 News

4x3 launched a newly enginered website to introduce the new ELAP brand. 4x3 developed a full branding package for ELAP servcies that includes a logo, stationery package and website.

April 4, 2012

Website Launch

4x3 is proud to announce the launch of the new website for Gordon, Fournaris & Mammarella, a law firm in Wilmington, DE. GF&M requested a new design for their website, and 4x3 responded with a new look, a well constructed site architecture, and a Drupal powered content management system.

Drupal CMS and Site Hosting

Through the Drupal CMS, the staff at GF&M can easily make updates to their site, like adding publications, news, or updating information about staff members. 4x3 also hosts the GF&M site, which ensures faster pages loads and more up time.

It was a pleasure working with GF&M and 4x3 looks forward to a continued relationship now that the site has launched.

December 3, 2011

4x3 News

4x3 is thrilled to have been selected by ELAP Services to begin the development of a new identity, website development, and marketing solutions.

4x3 will do a total identity and site overhaul, and is excited to strengthen the ELAP brand going forward.

October 13, 2011
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Website Launch

The Eastern Pennsylvania Rugby Union was one of the first content management systems to be put in place by a budding new firm called 4x3, LLC.

The CMS was a custom system designed and developed by 4x3 and owner Stephen Siano. The database, first built in 1998, is still in place on the EPRU.org website and manages union-wide mailings, match scheduling and team and contacts for the entire league.

4x3 will now, over the next couple of years, redevelop the entire system in Drupal. In the process, 4x3 is now managing the Union's Facebook and Twitter accounts for the EPRU's 180 member teams.

May 29, 2011

Website Launch

4x3 is proud to announce the launch of the newly redesigned website for Historic Odessa Foundation. The site features a fresh new design and layout, with prominently featured news and events. A "Virtual Tour" of the campus highlights every property through stunning photography in the History & Education section.

Drupal CMS

The site implements a custom Drupal content management system, which allows the client to easily update news & events, upload photo galleries and directly edit the content of most pages.

Historic Architectural Facts

The site also features dynamic "architectural facts" showcasing educational information about the unique features of the grounds and gardens.

Custom Google Map

A custom Google map was also created to highlight each of the five main buildings.

December 20, 2010
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Website Launch

4x3 is please to announce their new client, The Historic Odessa Foundation. The project will entail a complete redesign of their current website along with the implementation of a customized Drupal CMS.

The main focus of the new site will be to develop a website for Historic Odessa that provides information for historic preservationists, adult tourists, families and school groups. The site will prominently feature custom photography, provide easy access to information, and include a “virtual tour” that promotes their visual presence.

Historic Odessa Foundation

The mission of the Historic Odessa Foundation is to preserve and encourage the use of it's historic buildings by the general public, students, and scholars in order to learn and appreciate the history, architecture, daily life, and furnishings of Delaware's colonial period with the anticipation that this process will contribute to the quality of life in the town of Odessa and the region.

June 30, 2010

Website Launch

4x3 and SwivelStudios have partnered again on the development of a new website for Clear sound, Inc. a full service Audio and Video production company and systems Integrator. 4x3 is workng closely with SwivelStudios to integrate a new design theme with a customized Drupal CMS. 4x3 will also provide SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consulting and custom keyword development.


4x3 partners with SwivelStudios on web design projects. SwivelStudios is a small graphic design studio just outside Philadelphia. We specialize in creating fantastic print collateral, custom web interface design, and branding and identity campaigns. SwivelStudios prides itself on creating quality and unique design communications that make an impact and are delivered on time.

May 11, 2010
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Website Launch

4x3 is proud to announce the launch of the new National Arts Program® website. The new site has been completely redesigned and reprogrammed to update the visual design and layout to provide more impact and better showcase venues and artist work.

4x3 also reorganized the site architecture with a more focused emphasis on program venues and integrated a customized Drupal Content Management System (CMS) to provide more flexibility and better control of content. The site features secure login for artists to upload work to the collective online gallery showcase. The site currently showcases over 500 original works of art from over a hundred artists and and is growing every day. The operating mission of The National Arts Program® is to provide a free and uninhibited opportunity for participating visual artists to come forth with their talents, at their personal skill level, to be displayed professionally for public viewing.

By removing the obstacles to artistic expression, the Program gives participants a forum to expand and showcase their talent in the visual arts; this in turn gives them a sense of accomplishment, a sense of self-worth, and a more positive attitude in life. It is sponsored by the private National Arts Program Foundation, Malvern, PA.

March 19, 2010

4x3 News

4x3 launches the third installment of the "Your Personal Plan" flash modules for the Teens Health section of kidshealth.org to help teens quit smoking.

This personal planning tool helps you think through your approach. As you work through the planner, you'll see examples of some of the things other people did to stop smoking. When you're finished, you can print a goal sheet to guide and inspire you.

Nemours' TeensHealth

TeensHealth is part of the KidsHealth family of websites. These sites, run by the nonprofit Nemours Center for Children's Health Media, provide accurate, up-to-date health information that's free of "doctor speak."

The Nemours Foundation

The Nemours Center for Children's Health Media is a part of The Nemours Foundation, a nonprofit organization created by philanthropist Alfred I. duPont in 1936 and devoted to improving the health of children.      

December 10, 2009
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