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4x3 has a long and proud tradition of giving back. From creating a brand for Friends for Friends to hosting the website for EAT Cafe, we proudly offer our services to non-profit organizations in our community.

The Power of Giving Back

4x3 has design experience and expertise from which many organizations can benefit but we know that many small businesses and non-profits cannot afford our services. So as a way to give back to amazing community we live and work in, 4x3 works with several pro-bono clients to help make a difference.

We are inspired by so many causes in Philadelphia that 4x3 is dedicated to building relationships in our community. It's always rewarding to see the direct impact from our work.

May 8, 2017

4x3 News

In September 1996 a great friend, Bob Carroll, started an organization called FRIENDS for FRIENDS® inspired by the memory of his courageous friend, Al Patrone. "When he [Al] learned he had cancer, he never lost his faith in God and never got angry."

He saw me crying one day at the [University of Pennsylvania] hospital and said, "Don't cry for me. Look across the street and cry for those kids with cancer in Children's Hospital [of Philadelphia]," Al's wife Sharon said.

FRIENDS for FRIENDS®: a non-profit organization

It was Bob's idea to have a beef and beer to raise money for Alfred to help pay mediacl bills. "The night of the fund-raiser, Alfred said a man asked him if FRIENDS for FRIENDS® was an organization. He answered that it was just his friends,'' Carroll said. "In the hospital, right before he died, he asked us to keep it going as a way to help others." FRIENDS for FRIENDS® was born. These days fund raising activities are focused on establishing a community through an annual membership drive. A fifty dollar contribution provides a member with an incredible gift – the ability to help others. Membership enables one to nominate family, friend or mere acquaintance to benefit from the group’s generosity. Nominations are reviewed by the board, with special effort given to help as many nominees as possible.


To enhance their capabilities, other events including a golf outing and trivia night are scheduled throughout the year. These events are designed to bring together those who share a common ideal and are committed to putting it into action. Join FRIENDS for FRIENDS® today »

March 28, 2013
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4x3 News

Beginning in November 2011, 4x3 will be doing their part to give back to the community. With the Holiday season approaching, 4x3 has decided that in lieu of sending corporate gifts, they will assist a non-profit organization by doing a brand and site overhaul for the selected group.

This is not the first time 4x3 has helped a non-profit organization.

Non-profit: Ivy Rugby

In 2005, 4x3 created a brand for the Ivy Rugby Conference, and in 2010 launched a dynamic website that allows players, coaches, and fans to create profiles and interact with the site.

Non-profit: Friends for Friends

Just last week, 4x3 launched a new website for Friends for Friends, a non-profit organization focused on giving monetary donations to families in need across the Delaware Valley. All services associated with FfF are pro-bono.

Non-profit: Atlantis Rugby

4x3 designed and built a website for Atlantis Rugby and now maintains the site for free.

Moving forward, as a way of giving back, 4x3 will select a pro-bono client each year. Look for information in the coming weeks on how you can nominate an organization, and next year's selection.

October 17, 2011

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