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4x3 offers comprehensive, in-house event marketing services for our clients. From sports tournaments to craft beer festivals, we strive to make your event an unforgettable experience. 4x3 takes special pride when we work with our sister company, URugby, on their annual tournaments, showcasing our full-service sports marketing capabilities.

Over the years we have designed the logo and branding for URugby, which is implemented on promotional items for the 2017 Ariel Re Bermuda 7s, 2016 Bowl Series and ACRC Bowl Series. We've had the pleasure of continually working with URugby exclusively on sports marketing over the years for these events.


The 2017 Ariel Re Bermuda Sevens hosted the very best in high school and college rugby at the National Sports Center, Bermuda’s premier sporting event venue. The tournament featured four mini teams (ages 9-12), two high school girls teams, five high school boys teams and 12 collegiate men's sides. 4x3 designed a souvenir rugby ball and referee jerseys to be used throughout the event.


The 2016 Bowl Series is a collegiate and high school rugby series held in New Rochelle, NY. The tournament featured 12 elite college rugby teams, and six high school teams competing to be Bowl Series Champions. 4x3 designed branding that was then translated onto wearables, VIP and player passes, and promotional banners. The custom apparel included a series of referee jerseys, MVP shirts, and promotional tees for fans and players alike.


The ACRC15s rugby bowl series is an annual sporting event held each fall in Charlotte, NC. For the inaugural ACRC Bowl Series in 2015, 4x3 created a comprehensive package of branding and marketing materials including an event logo, website, custom apparel, trophies, posters, pint glasses and souvenir rugby balls. 


The USA Islanders is a team of USA Eagles and potential Eagle national caliber rugby players from US-based Pacific islands; including Hawaii, Tonga, Fiji, and American Samoa. 4x3 was hired to handle web design and development of the USA Islanders website for to promote invitational matches and upcoming events for the newly formed USA Islanders rugby team. 4x3 also worked directly with the team administrators and coaching staff to create a logo and brand. The new logo and brand was then applied across a variety of mediums, including web, print (business cards, letterheads) and gear (jerseys, T-shirts, rugby balls, Bermuda shorts).


4x3's branding efforts contributed to successful marketing efforts surrounding the tournaments, as well as a positive experience enjoyed by both teams and spectators. Sports event branding and merchandising efforts helped convey a sense of professionalism to a new event that quickly established its prominence in the rugby circuit.

4x3 can extend your brand beyond digital marketing, with events for big and small. For other events beyond sports marketing, we also offer content marketing in the form of website design, as well as live social media updates (tweeting, video, commentary). Contact us today!

July 17, 2017

Website Launch

4x3 worked closely with URugby to create a fully functional website to promote invitational matches and upcoming events for the newly formed USA Islanders Rugby team. 

The USA Islanders is a team of USA Eagles and potential national caliber rugby players holding a resident status or USA passport with island heritage including Hawaii, Tonga, Fiji, Samoa among many others. Former USA Rugby star Vahafolau Esikia has been selected as the Head Coach, along with Tui Osborne and Alatini Saulala.


4x3 was brought into the project by URugby (as their marketing arm) to handle branding for the team, web design and event marketing for the upcoming invitational match on August 10. 

The website features original logo and branding for the USA Islanders team. Organized by teams, matches and news updates, this website is a hub of information about individual USA players and press and will feature a cool marketing campaign matching USA Islander players against player from the mighty Saracens, a pro team based in London. The Saracens and the USA Islanders will meet in August 2017 in Bermuda.

With simple navigation and custom modules, the USA Islanders website is the epitome of functional and user-friendly. 

Visit the USA Islanders Website »
Check out 4x3's portfolio »

Coming to Bermuda this August!

The USA Islanders are to face off against the top London pro club, the Saracens, as a charity event in Bermuda. The game, scheduled for August 10, and will raise money for Beyond Rugby Bermuda.

Beyond Rugby Bermuda (BRB) is a partnership between the Family Center and Bermuda Rugby Football Union. Working with kids at Cedarbridge High School and Dellwood Middle School, BRB uses core values of rugby help children in Bermuda gain opportunities in life, including graduation. 

June 5, 2017
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I still wanted to contribute to the the Iona College Rugby Football Club after my short-lived rugby career ended due to shoulder injuries. As president of the rugby club I had my chance to be responsibile for all game production on campus.

My production team and I would make sure there was music for the game, the scoreboard would correctly represent the game, and there would be PA announcements during the game. These attributes contributed to creating an event-like atmosphere. Our head coach, Bruce McLean, recognized this uniqueness of Iona Rugby's matches and knew we could be part of an event larger than just us.

Inviting URugby Bowl Series to Campus

Unfortunately for me, I never had the opportunity to play in the URugby Bowl Series or attend one.

So when Bruce approached me to be a part of hosting the 2016 Bowl Series, I was in. I knew that this opportunity would benefit not only Iona rugby, but the whole college. Stephen Siano, the President of URugby, knew the location of Mazzella Field was a perfect to host multiple rugby matches. After meeting Stephen for the first time, we got right to work on creating the 2016 Bowl Series at Iona College in New Rochelle, New York.

Creating the Event

There is a lot that goes into creating an event besides the organization of teams and referees. We wanted the Bowl Series to appeal to high school students as well as college students. 

The focus of the tournament was the College 15's matches with High School 7's matches during halftimes and in between games. By doing so we could connect College Rugby programs to potential recruits. We also put together a college fair for visiting univeristies to showcase their rugby club to the high school athletes in attendance.

Another attraction for fans and families was the VIP Lounge. VIP Ticket Holders were given access to their own private area and complimentary refreshments. The VIP Lounge also had an outside deck to watch the games from a skybox view.

Live Stream of the Event

Creating the event was an experience for all of those in attendance, but what about for those who were unable to make it to the event?

Rugby is a very popular sport in foreign countries and many athletes on these teams have families who could not be at the game. It was important to us that those families had the ability to watch the game, and we could make that happen.

Working alongside the Iona College Athletic Department, we created a live video stream through YouTube to reach out to all rugby fans. The live stream also included commentary from some of best known names in Rugby media, such as Ryan Trost and Alex Goff.

Future Tournaments for Iona

When teams compete in an URugby Tournament, it creates a new relationship for URugby and the Collegiate Rugby teams. For Iona, we have now competed in three consecutive Bowl Series which lead to even bigger things for our team. Not only did we form the first ever 7s rugby team at Iona, we also were able to compete in our first 7s tournament in the URugby Ariel Re Bermuda 7s and the players were ready for the opportunity. Afterall, the team ended up with a record of 4-2 in their first 7s tournament.

Event Marketing with 4x3

When it comes to hosting any type of event, 4x3 (in cooperation with URugby) knows how to create an event that is beneficial for all. We know that there is more to event marketing than simply connecting everyone to the product your event is based around. Besides creating more than viewing option at the event or allowing access to fans across the globe, 4x3 also understands the importance of creating and selling merchandise as memories for those who purchase it.

Personally, working with Stephen and the rest of the 4x3 team as an intern on this project was an absolute pleasure and is something everyone can learn from.

Author: Greg Potempa, 4x3 Intern

April 4, 2017
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4x3 Ideas

It may seem like a cliche, but New Year’s is a time to reflect. We can’t help ourselves — times of transition make us pause and think about what’s changed in our lives, what’s constant, and what’s to come. 

This past year has been a big one for 4x3. We’ve taken on a number of new clients, including Triage MD, the Arizona Opera, Goff Rugby Report, Healthscope and the John Templeton Foundation

We helped other clients launch exciting new ventures - such as AGA Developers’ Trenton Stables project, or the Center For Hunger Free Communities’ Eat Cafe (coming this spring). 

We traveled to the Jersey Shore, Virginia Beach and Charlotte to bring exciting, championship-caliber rugby to fans and players. 

We bid a fond farewell to our Web designer Rachel Schmitz, and welcomed a talented new colleague, Liza Mansour. 

There’s exciting stuff in the pipeline, too — new projects and interesting challenges for 2016. Even as we grow, we try every day to stay grounded in our basic approach — design-centered, marketing savvy and personal.

We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished, and would like to thank our clients, families, friends and supporters. Without you, none of this could happen!

Best wishes for a great 2016 from all of us here at 4x3.

January 5, 2016
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4x3 Ideas

This weeked, many of us in the 4x3 family are down in Charlotte, NC for a big event! The ACRC Bowl Series, a production of our sister company URugby, is bringing 18 top college rugby teams to the Rugby Athletic Center in Charlotte for high-level competition.

The design wizards at 4x3 add to the class and professionalism of URugby events with our cool ball, banner, apparel, website and program book designs. We're proud of the way we've combined our multiplatform website and design expertise with a passion for the great sport of rugby. 

Rugby is the fastest-growing sport in the USA

You may not know much about rugby, but it's the fastest-growing sport in the USA on the youth and college level (often compared to the rise of soccer in the US a few decades ago). Though it often flies under the radar, there's lots of excitement and some great rivalries in the college rugby scene 

Check out for more info and to watch streaming feeds and live blog updates of all this weekend's games. 

November 20, 2015

4x3 Ideas

After Surfside Sevens Stone Harbor, it’s no surprise that the following of our Instagram grew. It’s also no surprise that primarily youth ruggers were clicking the follow button. Business Insider reports that “over 90% of the 150 million people on Instagram are under the age of 35.” 

Read more about Instagram demographics »

Although Surfside Stone Harbor is a tournament for all ages, we fielded eight men’s college teams, the American High School Rugby Sevens Championships and even a U13 division. Instagram users were right up our alley.

Plus, I’ve loved Instagram ever since the creation of my personal account in my sophomore year of college at Penn State. So, coming into the Surfside family, I decided to focus on their newly created Instagram account. 

Event Instagram Promotion

We jump-started the new venture by focusing on Instagram to promote the event. Counting down the days, we posted photos of our efforts in the office making trophies, counting shirts and securing vendors. 

The age-old saying goes “hindsight is 20/20.” While continuing to incorporate the hashtag from the year prior, I believe Instagram added to our efforts and Surfside took a great step forward in 2014. We can always improve with a bit more planning to yield increased views, more successful promotions and a better brand.

In the long run, I hope you see us continuing to grow our social media influence. That will be tested as early as this weekend at the Odessa Brewfest (had to put in a shout out; go vote on the brewbracket). We had a ton of fun at Surfside '14 as evident on our, and many others', Instagram feeds.

September 3, 2014

4x3 Ideas

Unveiling this year's logo... The 4x3 designers have been exercising their creative energy as they collaborate on the re:branding of the Surfside Sevens 10th Annual Rugby Tournament. The new logo design will be featured on all things related to the tournament: program, signage, t-shirts, rugby balls, frizzbees...and more!

The date has been set for July 20, 2013 in Stone Harbor, NJ. Between 70 and 80 teams are expected to compete this year including Men's, Women's and Youth. Surfside Sevens is held in July every summer. Each team is guaranteed 3 matches and lots of sun and sand. Surfside Sevens has been "scoring at the shore since 2004." The event was concieved by Stephen and Amy Siano.

Contact Tournament Director, Stephen Siano at 610-389-4474 or email .

March 5, 2013
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Website Launch

4x3 recently introduced Morris Rugby Corporation's newly re-designed website. Along with the complete visual redesign, 4x3 upgraded the site to a Drupal powered Content Management System.

The Morris Rugby Corporation website stands out among its rugby peers with its unique, content rich, dynamic homepage. Morris Rugby Corporation seeks to provide a structure in which rugby and other amateur sports can be developed in the New Jersey area, combining athletic excellence with community service.

The newly redesigned site has been well received within the Morris rugby community.

"It is such a pleasure to work with 4x3. I cannot say enough about the excellent work they have done for us over the years. We have recently gone through a major design upgrade to our site. At no time did we have any issues accessing the site. Everything was done in a professional manner and most importantly, we have a user friendly site for all. Stephen and Amy have always put our needs first. We have worked closely together for 10+ years and I would never dream of looking elsewhere. Their dedication to their clients is unique. I would highly recommend 4x3 web design to anyone looking for a creative, unique website!" 

- Val Gibson, Executive Director, Morris Rugby Corporation

February 24, 2013
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4x3 Ideas

The Principals of 4x3, Stephen and Amy, met the principal of their son Jack's pre-school. It was "bring your parents to school day."

The focus was to teach Jack and his little friends something about what his Mom and Dad love to do. Besides designing websites, the sport of rugby is Stephen's passion, so a little instruction was in order. Ruck. Scrum. Try.

Conversion...or just a little ball throwing. They are only 4, you know!

Rugby is returning to the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, it was last featured as an olympic sport in 1924. Perhaps there is a future "rugger" right there in Jack's pre-school class!

February 12, 2013
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4x3 News

Congratulations to Philadelphia Whitemarsh Rugby Football Club for winning the Mid-Atlantic Rugby Football Union championship. We're proud to be apart of the success of a great club. All the best to the boys as they head into the national playoffs! Website:

April 29, 2012
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4x3 News

Don't say you heard it here ... but let's all plan on sneaking out of work early on Friday the 21st.

The fourth annual Fight MS golf outing looks to be bigger and better than years one, two and three. We're shooting for 100 golfers and 36 hole sponsors. Be a part of the fun that doubles as a great cause.

Golf Outing: Friday, October 21 2011 Spring Ford Country Club 12:00-1:00pm Registration Tee off: 1:00pm SHOTGUN Scramble Format Dinner will follow around 5:00

October 13, 2011

4x3 Ideas

4x3 was present at the Collegiate Rugby Championships this past weekend supporting the Ivy League participant Dartmouth College.

A field of 16 collegiate rugby teams from all over the United States battled it out over two grueling days of competition at PPL Park in Chester PA. Dartmouth won all six matches over two days to become collegiate national champions. Never been so proud.

June 5, 2011
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Website Launch

The Eastern Pennsylvania Rugby Union was one of the first content management systems to be put in place by a budding new firm called 4x3, LLC.

The CMS was a custom system designed and developed by 4x3 and owner Stephen Siano. The database, first built in 1998, is still in place on the website and manages union-wide mailings, match scheduling and team and contacts for the entire league.

4x3 will now, over the next couple of years, redevelop the entire system in Drupal. In the process, 4x3 is now managing the Union's Facebook and Twitter accounts for the EPRU's 180 member teams.

May 29, 2011

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