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4x3 has been a long time partner with the Historic Odessa Foundation. So when we were approached in 2014 with the chance to market their newest fundraising event - the Odessa Brewfest - we jumped at the chance. 

The 1st Annual Odessa Brewfest was a huge success. The festival fulfilled its promise for great beer, food and music in a beautiful outdoor setting. It was a truly unique event and a great fundraiser for the Historic Odessa Foundation.

Due to the festivals's success, 4x3 was invited back to manage all the event promotion and social media marketing for the next year's Brewfest. And now, four years later, 4x3 once again returns to Odessa, Delaware for market for the event.

The 4th Annual Odessa Brewfest

The annual Odessa Brewfest comes to Delaware on September 9th, 2017. Tickets go on sale on June 1st with special early bird-specials for HOF members. 

4x3 will handle all event promotion for the Odessa Brewfest. To raise awareness of the festival locally and regionally, we provide:

  • Brand awareness (messaging and overall brand identity online and in print)
  • Research (intelligence on beer festivals and other comparable events) 
  • Content (news, press releases and e-newsletters)
  • Promotion (our much-heralded brewbracket contest; social media management; brewer partnerships) 

The Historic Odessa Foundation’s mix of online, print and radio marketing generates buzz about the festival and lots of positive local media coverage. Odessa’s status as a treasured Delaware historic site is a unique highlight for the festival, as was the presence of local breweries, wineries, distillers and other vendors with deep roots in the state.

Event Marketing

Event marketing strategies leave a lasting, brand-focused impression of fun by grabbing the attention of a group of people who are gathered together and enhancing a visitor's overall experience.

At 4x3, we can help expand your brand past digital marketing. Our in-house experience allows us to plan and market events, both big and small. Our event marketing efforts can include printed brochures, signage at the event, social media blasts, printed mailers, event apparel and much more.

Our event marketing expertise and solid experience help our clients to provide strategic promotional campaigns that boost attendance and ensure event success.

May 1, 2017

4x3 News

To stand out to your target audience you need to break away from a basic web templates and create a custom web design that reflects your company's brand and services. And we helped our client, Relate Personal Finance, do just that.

Custom Web Design

Relate Personal Finance breaks the mold for a financial service website.

Most financial websites utilize stock photos and white backgrounds to highlight their services. But not Relate!

4x3 worked very closely with the founder and chief advisor of Relate, John O’Brien, to create a website that stood out among the stuffy, cliché financial websites that exist today. To successfully distinguish his company's web design from the competition, part of John’s approach was appealing to a younger demographic than financial advisors usually went after – young professionals and new families – by using a memorable user experience and custom features.

To achieve this, 4x3 and Relate worked towards a layout that avoided stock photos and moved toward a more illustrative design.

Your Website Reflects Your Brand

The Relate Personal Finance website was designed to promote the brand at every turn.

4x3 created custom graphics and illustrations for every page of the website; from financial news to resources, each image is used to invoke confidence in John’s abilities and services.

The uniformed use of graphic design also allows Relate to effortlessly represent its brand. 4x3 developed a unique, yet identifiable, style for Relate by having consistent color scheme and design technique.

Another advantage of having an illustrative website is that each image creates automatic content for social media. With every blog post and financial fact that is published on the website the accompanying graphic is social media ready!

About Relate Personal Finance

John started Relate Personal Finance to help individuals, families and small businesses make smart financial decisions regardless of their income or wealth level. By approaching financial advice with a coach-like approach, John's goal is to inspire clients to take control of their own financial future.

The name Relate is a reminder to understand each client’s perspective. Understanding your situation, which includes more than just the monetary component, allows you to create a custom set of options to achieve your financial goals.

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April 24, 2017

4x3 News

T-shirt design and custom apparel design has always been an integral part of our event marketing package. It's so cool when we land at an event and see people proudly wearing our shirt designs from years past.

4x3 has the experience and know-how to help you create amazing t-shirts for any event. 4x3 is proud to partner with Sevens Sports on the URugby events where we have created a series of referee jerseys, MVP shirts, and promotional tees for fans and players alike.

So, if you want to advertise your brand and overall presence at your next event, contact 4x3 and we'll help you create custom apparel to make your event a smash hit. As a part of our event marketing design service, we offer other promotional materials to be used at festivals, conventions, fundraisers, and sporting events. This includes:

  • custom apparel (t-shirts, jerseys)
  • posters and banners
  • pint glasses
  • souvenir balls
  • custom trophies

4x3 can help you make the perfect t-shirt and promotional material for any event.

Learn more about 4x3 T-Shirt design »

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April 6, 2017

4x3 Ideas

I still wanted to contribute to the the Iona College Rugby Football Club after my short-lived rugby career ended due to shoulder injuries. As president of the rugby club I had my chance to be responsibile for all game production on campus.

My production team and I would make sure there was music for the game, the scoreboard would correctly represent the game, and there would be PA announcements during the game. These attributes contributed to creating an event-like atmosphere. Our head coach, Bruce McLean, recognized this uniqueness of Iona Rugby's matches and knew we could be part of an event larger than just us.

Inviting URugby Bowl Series to Campus

Unfortunately for me, I never had the opportunity to play in the URugby Bowl Series or attend one.

So when Bruce approached me to be a part of hosting the 2016 Bowl Series, I was in. I knew that this opportunity would benefit not only Iona rugby, but the whole college. Stephen Siano, the President of URugby, knew the location of Mazzella Field was a perfect to host multiple rugby matches. After meeting Stephen for the first time, we got right to work on creating the 2016 Bowl Series at Iona College in New Rochelle, New York.

Creating the Event

There is a lot that goes into creating an event besides the organization of teams and referees. We wanted the Bowl Series to appeal to high school students as well as college students. 

The focus of the tournament was the College 15's matches with High School 7's matches during halftimes and in between games. By doing so we could connect College Rugby programs to potential recruits. We also put together a college fair for visiting univeristies to showcase their rugby club to the high school athletes in attendance.

Another attraction for fans and families was the VIP Lounge. VIP Ticket Holders were given access to their own private area and complimentary refreshments. The VIP Lounge also had an outside deck to watch the games from a skybox view.

Live Stream of the Event

Creating the event was an experience for all of those in attendance, but what about for those who were unable to make it to the event?

Rugby is a very popular sport in foreign countries and many athletes on these teams have families who could not be at the game. It was important to us that those families had the ability to watch the game, and we could make that happen.

Working alongside the Iona College Athletic Department, we created a live video stream through YouTube to reach out to all rugby fans. The live stream also included commentary from some of best known names in Rugby media, such as Ryan Trost and Alex Goff.

Future Tournaments for Iona

When teams compete in an URugby Tournament, it creates a new relationship for URugby and the Collegiate Rugby teams. For Iona, we have now competed in three consecutive Bowl Series which lead to even bigger things for our team. Not only did we form the first ever 7s rugby team at Iona, we also were able to compete in our first 7s tournament in the URugby Ariel Re Bermuda 7s and the players were ready for the opportunity. Afterall, the team ended up with a record of 4-2 in their first 7s tournament.

Event Marketing with 4x3

When it comes to hosting any type of event, 4x3 (in cooperation with URugby) knows how to create an event that is beneficial for all. We know that there is more to event marketing than simply connecting everyone to the product your event is based around. Besides creating more than viewing option at the event or allowing access to fans across the globe, 4x3 also understands the importance of creating and selling merchandise as memories for those who purchase it.

Personally, working with Stephen and the rest of the 4x3 team as an intern on this project was an absolute pleasure and is something everyone can learn from.

Author: Greg Potempa, 4x3 Intern

April 4, 2017

Website Launch

4x3 is proud to announce the completion and launching of the Relate Personal Finance website.

Financial Advice That Relates To You

4x3 provided interactive design consulting and a custom Drupal Content Management System (CMS) for John O'Brien, a local financial advisor who specializes in a coach-like approach to financial planning. John started Relate Personal Finance to help individuals, families and small businesses make smart financial decisions regardless of their income or wealth level.

John wanted to standout among the hundreds of independent financial advisors working in Philadelphia. Opting out of the boring finance website that uses stock photo, John commissioned 4x3 for custom graphics and animations to give a new and refreshing look to his website.  

View Relate's portfolio »
Check out the Relate website »

Drupal CMS and Site Hosting

4x3 will be hosting and maintaining the Drupal-powered Relate Personal Finance website. Through the Drupal CMS, John can easily make updates to his website, like adding resources, news, or updating information about his services.

4x3 also worked with Relate Personal Finance to create the logo and brand. 4x3 provides content and social media marketing, SEO, and web maintenance services as well.

It was a pleasure working with John and 4x3 looks forward to a continued relationship now that the site has launched.

March 31, 2017


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